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American Public Health Association
133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 10-14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
APHA 2005
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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6:30 AM-8:00 AM Wed
500.0General Business Meeting CHW (SPIG)
501.0OSH Section (Business) Meeting
502.0PHEHP Transition Meeting
503.0PHN Business Meeting

7:00 AM-8:00 AM Wed
504.0Wed Health Administration Section Business Meeting
505.0Medical Care Section Council Business Meeting #5
506.0Population, Family Planning, Reproductive Health - Section Council Business Meeting
507.0PHEHP Health Communication Work Group Business Meeting
508.0PHEHP Worksite Health Work Group Business Meeting
509.0SHES New Section Council Meeting-Planning for the Future

7:30 AM-9:30 AM Wed
509.1World Federation of Public Health Associations International Health Breakfast

7:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
510.0Committee on Affiliates Business Meeting

8:30 AM-9:30 AM Wed
5000.0International Human Rights Poster Session
5001.0Services, Outcomes, Perceptions, Utilization, and Trends-Homeless Populations
5002.0Connecting Faith to Evidence Based Approaches
5003.0Assessments and Practices in Refugee and Immigrant Health *
5004.0Built Environment Institute Poster Session
5005.0Evaluating Effectiveness of Environmental Health Policies and Programs
5006.0How Environment Can Affect Health: A Selection of Health Outcomes
5007.0Academic and Public Health Partnerships Epidemiology : Poster Session
5008.0Survey Designs, Telephone Surveys and Results: Poster Session
5009.0Surviving Cancer and Chronic Disease: Poster Session
5010.0Other Potpourri: Poster Session
5011.0Emerging Scholars in HIV/AIDS Research and Practice
5012.0Partnerships to Support HIV/AIDS Research and Practice
5013.0Race and Gender: HIV/AIDS within Vulnerable Communities
5014.0Topics in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care *
5015.0Health Care in Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Settings
5016.0Innovations in Community Health *
5017.0Impact of Cultural Beliefs and Traditions on Health
5018.0Structural, Familial and Personal Determinants of Adolescent Health
5019.0Evidence-based Approaches to Understanding and Improving Pregnancy Outcomes
5020.0Surveillance and Community Assessment in Maternal and Child Health
5021.0Student and New Researcher Papers in Maternal and Child Health
5022.0Topics in Maternal Child Health
5023.0Mental Health Poster Session VI

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
511.0Committee on Women's Rights Business Meeting
512.0Committee on Membership of the APHA
5024.0Reinventing the DrPH Program: Models for Developing Practice-based Leaders  [ Recorded presentation ]
5024.1Alternative and Complementary Health Practice in Cancer Treatment  [ Recorded presentation ]
5025.0Emerging Issues in Tobacco Control
5026.0Drinking Patterns in Special Populations: Innovative Approaches  [ Recorded presentation ]
5027.0Trends in Tobacco
5028.0Risk and Protective Factors for Adolescent Substance Use  [ Recorded presentation ]
5029.0Policy Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment  [ Recorded presentation ]
5030.0Technology Can Change Behavior: Some Examples in Film and Online  [ Recorded presentation ]
5031.0Strategies for Improving Health in Underserved Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
5032.0Health Disparities Elimination: State, Local, Community and Academic Responses
5033.0Multiple Truths of Community and Science: Evidence from the Men as Navigators for Health Project in North Carolina  [ Recorded presentation ]
5034.0Diabetes: Prevention and Management with Special Attention to Socioeconomic and Cultural Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
5035.0Infrastructure Development as Preparedness for Bioterrorism
5038.0CHWs as Integral Members of the Healthcare Team  [ Recorded presentation ]
5039.0Student Research in Disability  [ Recorded presentation ]
5041.0Environmental Health Preparedness and Emergency Response  [ Recorded presentation ]
5042.0School Wellness Policy: Its Time Has Come!  [ Recorded presentation ]
5043.0Health Services Use and Adherence Behaviors among Older Adults  [ Recorded presentation ]
5044.0Health Policy and Aging  [ Recorded presentation ]
5045.0Social Security Reform: An Update on the Current Debate
5046.0Developments in the Organizational Structures of Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
5047.0Public Health Strategic Planning: Methods and Madness  [ Recorded presentation ]
5048.0Management and Analysis of Healthcare Systems  [ Recorded presentation ]
5049.0Science in Public Health Law And Policy: Evidence For Vaccines, Drugs, Stem Cells And Insurance  [ Recorded presentation ]
5050.0Teenage Driver Safety  [ Recorded presentation ]
5051.0Research and Practice in Terrorism Preparedness  [ Recorded presentation ]
5052.0Evidence for Effective Scale-Up: Child Health Interventions  [ Recorded presentation ]
5053.0TB DOTS Programs Around the World  [ Recorded presentation ]
5054.0Late Breaking Hot Topic: Global Implications of Avian Influenza
5055.0Improving Access to Health Services for Immigrants and Migrants  [ Recorded presentation ]
5056.0Effective Approaches to National Health Accounts
5057.0Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition Practices  [ Recorded presentation ]
5058.0MCH Epidemiology: Race and Ethnicity in Maternal and Child Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
5059.0After Vioxx: Whither Drug Safety in the U.S (Medical Care Section Solicited Session #4)  [ Recorded presentation ]
5061.0Health Services Research Contributed Papers #4  [ Recorded presentation ]
5062.0Child and Adolescent Mental Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
5063.0The Role of Consumers and Families in Mental Health Treatment  [ Recorded presentation ]
5063.1Issues in Mental Health Services Research and Policy  [ Recorded presentation ]
5064.0Moving OSH from Theory to Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
5065.0Research by the Rank and File
5066.0Personal Protective Equipment  [ Recorded presentation ]
5067.0HIV/AIDS Risk for Married Women  [ Recorded presentation ]
5068.0Innovative Methodologies to Conduct Behavioral Surveillance of STD Risk Behaviors  [ Recorded presentation ]
5069.0Innovative Communication Interventions in Reproductive Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
5070.0Optimal Birth Spacing: Evidence-based Practices  [ Recorded presentation ]
5071.0Challenges of Nutrition and Overweight for Today's Health Educator  [ Recorded presentation ]
5072.0Children and Young Adults as Health Education Opportunities  [ Recorded presentation ]
5073.0Lessons from Health Communication Campaigns  [ Recorded presentation ]
5074.0College as a Laboratory for Health Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
5075.0Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle in Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
5076.0Omaha System  [ Recorded presentation ]
5077.0Use of Mentors and School Nurses to Improve the Health of Children  [ Recorded presentation ]
5078.0Maternal Child & Families  [ Recorded presentation ]
5079.0Factor Analysis: Developments and Applications  [ Recorded presentation ]
5080.0HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections in Women  [ Recorded presentation ]

8:30 AM-5:00 PM Wed
513.0Action Board Meeting

9:00 AM-11:00 AM Wed
514.0Newsletter Editor Meeting

10:30 AM-12:00 PM Wed
515.0The Nation's Health Advisory Committee Meeting
516.0Equal Health Opportunity Committee/Caucus Meeting
5081.0From Ache To Bayou Gauche: Public Health Disasters
5082.0You Heard What? Framing Health Messages To Reach The Public  [ Recorded presentation ]
5083.0Evidence in the Policy Process: Whose Evidence Is Used, Why and How?  [ Recorded presentation ]
5084.0The Evidence For Eliminating Health Disparities

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Wed
5085.0Roundtable Discussions on Ethnicity, Gender and Drug Use *
5086.0All Tied Together: SBIRT a Continuum of Care and Policy  [ Recorded presentation ]
5087.0Smoking Oversees: International Tobacco Use Prevalence  [ Recorded presentation ]
5088.0Disparities in the Consequences of Drug Use among Minority Populations: Need for Culture-Specific Interventions  [ Recorded presentation ]
5089.1Advocacy with Impact: Framing Our Issues, Getting the Message Across  [ Recorded presentation ]
5090.0APHA Film Festival: Politics, Economics and Health
5090.1Evidenced-Based Participatory Research, Strategies, Implementation And Assessment Of Faith-Based Initiatives  [ Recorded presentation ]
5091.0Community-Based Research Approaches to Diabetes and Domestic Violence
5092.0First 5 California: Providing Evidence to Support Funding and Policy Decisions, Program Improvement, and Future Planning.  [ Recorded presentation ]
5093.0Prevention Programs Addressing Childhood Obesity  [ Recorded presentation ]
5094.0Neighborhood Health Messengers: Improving Health Outcomes and Building Community Leadership
5095.0Creative Approaches to Preventing Infectious Diseases through Vaccinations  [ Recorded presentation ]
5096.0Health Care Access  [ Recorded presentation ]
5097.0Built Environment Institute III: Building partnerships in land use and community design decision-making  [ Recorded presentation ]
5098.0What and Who's Evidence Makes for Sound Policy?
5099.0Frameworks for Future Consideration  [ Recorded presentation ]
5100.0Environmental and Health Concerns In Risk Communication  [ Recorded presentation ]
5101.0Academic and Public Health Partnerships  [ Recorded presentation ]
5102.0STD Prevention and Public Health Policy: Diverse Challenges, Diverse Opportunities  [ Recorded presentation ]
5103.0Infectious Disease Late Breakers Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
5104.0Tuberculosis Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
5105.0New Dietary Guidelines, My Pyramid & Implementation  [ Recorded presentation ]
5106.0Race, Ethnicity and Social Status: Realities of Seeking Solution for the Underserved  [ Recorded presentation ]
5107.0Intergenerational Health Communication with Older Adults  [ Recorded presentation ]
5108.0Consumer Research and Medicare: Meeting the Challenge to Communicate with 42 Million People  [ Recorded presentation ]
5109.0The Impact of Nursing Home Regulation on Quality
5110.0National Studies on Hospital Quality and Cost  [ Recorded presentation ]
5111.0Strategic Partnerships and Team-Building  [ Recorded presentation ]
5112.0Innovative Approaches to HIV/AIDS Intervention  [ Recorded presentation ]
5113.0Surveillance of HIV Risk Behaviors  [ Recorded presentation ]
5114.0School Safety and Youth Violence  [ Recorded presentation ]
5115.0Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Relationship with Injuries  [ Recorded presentation ]
5115.1Latebreaking Issues in ICEHS II  [ Recorded presentation ]
5116.0International Health Luncheon
5117.0A Voice at Work for Health Care Workers  [ Recorded presentation ]
5118.0Cancer Prevention and Control to Promote Latino Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
5119.0Health Disparities Among LGBT Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
5120.0Preventing Youth Obesity through Nutrition and Physical Activity  [ Recorded presentation ]
5121.0Evidence-based Models of Child Care Health Consultant Programs for the Prevention of Asthma, Child Maltreatment and Obesity  [ Recorded presentation ]
5122.0Evidence-based Policy and Practice: New Directions for Improving Pregnancy Outcomes  [ Recorded presentation ]
5123.0Studies in Insurance, Health Care Utilization and Their Impacts (Health Economics Contributed Papers #2)  [ Recorded presentation ]
5124.0Quality Improvement Contributed Papers #3  [ Recorded presentation ]
5125.0Evidence-based Practices in Mental Health Treatment: Looking Forward from a Historical Perspective  [ Recorded presentation ]
5126.0Mental Illness and Chronic Medical Conditions  [ Recorded presentation ]
5126.1Organization and Financing of Mental Health Services for Youths  [ Recorded presentation ]
5127.0Qualitative Assessment Strategies in Occupational Safety & Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
5128.0Pesticide Surveillance  [ Recorded presentation ]
5129.0Oral Health Workforce Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
5130.0The Health Impacts of War in the Middle East  [ Recorded presentation ]
5131.0Research and Practices in Maternal and Child Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
5132.0Sex in the Cities: Sexual Relationships, Communication and Decision Making among African American and Puerto Rican Young Adults  [ Recorded presentation ]
5133.0Health Care and Health Promotion for Special Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
5134.0Evidence-based Practice and Effective Policy  [ Recorded presentation ]
5135.0Cultural Awareness in Health Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
5136.0Lessons from Health Communication Message Design Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
5137.0Social Justice  [ Recorded presentation ]
5138.0Recruiting Minority Populations into Nursing  [ Recorded presentation ]
5139.0Abstinence-only vs Comprehensive Sexuality Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
5140.0Violence Across the Life Span & Populations: Intimate Partner Violence; HIV/AIDS, Down-Low, etc.; Practice& Interventions  [ Recorded presentation ]
5141.0Measurement Issues: Validity and Reliability  [ Recorded presentation ]
5142.0Evidence Based Policy, Racial Disparity and Practice In Eye Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
5143.0Obesity and Physical Activity: Meeting the Challenge of the New Epidemic  [ Recorded presentation ]

2:30 PM-4:00 PM Wed
517.0Intersectional Council Steering Committee Meeting
5144.0Explorations in Undergraduate Public Health Education
5145.0Books, Booze, and Broken Lives: Drinking on Campus
5146.0Trade and Tobacco
5147.0Smoking Cessation Interventions in Special Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
5148.0Evidence-Based Practices in Substance Use Dependence Treatment: Challenges and Lessons Learned  [ Recorded presentation ]
5148.1Staffing Your Public Health Association: What's Optimal? What's Real?
5149.0Building Evidence for a Systems Approach to Improve Environments for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity  [ Recorded presentation ]
5150.0Promoting Quality in Federal, State and Local Public Health Systems
5151.0Evidence-based Programs to Promote Health and Prevent Disease  [ Recorded presentation ]
5152.0March of Dimes NICU Family Support: Incorporating and Building Communities  [ Recorded presentation ]
5153.0Disability Surveillance  [ Recorded presentation ]
5155.0Children: The First To Bear The Brunt Of Environmental Contamination  [ Recorded presentation ]
5156.0It is about the Sex: STD Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
5157.0Marketing Disease: Strategies for Countering Harmful Corporate Practices  [ Recorded presentation ]
5158.0Outbreak Investigations  [ Recorded presentation ]
5159.0Quantitative Methods in Epidemiology and Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
5160.0Innovations in Community Nutrition Assessment  [ Recorded presentation ]
5161.0Falls Prevention and Osteoarthritis Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
5162.0Healthy Aging and Social Support Networks  [ Recorded presentation ]
5163.0Continuous Quality Improvement  [ Recorded presentation ]
5164.0Managed Care - Evaluate and Improve Performance  [ Recorded presentation ]
5165.0Creating a Competent Workforce  [ Recorded presentation ]
5166.0HIV/AIDS among Gay Men and MSM: Trends, Outness, and Sense of Community  [ Recorded presentation ]
5167.0HIV/AIDS: Critical Trends  [ Recorded presentation ]
5168.0Current Pediatric Injury Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
5169.0Injury Surveillance and Prevention Programs in Diverse Communities  [ Recorded presentation ]
5170.0Global Fund: Evidence of Effectiveness
5171.0Late-breaking Topics  [ Recorded presentation ]
5172.0Health Planning and Financing: Getting the Resources to Succeed  [ Recorded presentation ]
5173.0LGBT Populations & Domestic Violence  [ Recorded presentation ]
5174.0Enhancing Interactions In A Home Visiting Environment  [ Recorded presentation ]
5175.0The Future of MCH Research: Emergent Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
5176.0Health Services Research Contributed Papers #5  [ Recorded presentation ]
5178.0Mental Health Access and Treatment among Hispanics
5179.0Mental Illness and Employment
5180.0Quantitative Methods in OSH
5181.0Orchard Worker Surveillance  [ Recorded presentation ]
5182.0The State of Oral Cancer Prevention and Early Detection  [ Recorded presentation ]
5183.0Abortion and Post-abortion Care: Programming for Success  [ Recorded presentation ]
5184.0Expanding Contraceptive Choice through Integration and Scaling-up of Newer Family Planning Methods  [ Recorded presentation ]
5185.0Innovative Funding Approaches to Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services  [ Recorded presentation ]
5186.0Health Communication and Bioterrorism  [ Recorded presentation ]
5187.0Reducing Children's TV Time to Reduce the Risk of Childhood Obesity  [ Recorded presentation ]
5188.0The Community as Partner in Health Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
5189.0Issues and Innovations in Public Health Nursing Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
5190.0Technology Innovations and Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
5191.0Innovative Strategies in Developing Public Health Nursing Capacity  [ Recorded presentation ]
5192.0Asthma: An Important School Health Issue  [ Recorded presentation ]
5193.0Youth Sexual Health Programs  [ Recorded presentation ]
5193.1Statistical Software and Science  [ Recorded presentation ]
5194.0Health of women in the community justice system and prison  [ Recorded presentation ]

4:30 PM-6:00 PM Wed
5195.0APHA Closing General Session  [ Recorded presentation ]

6:30 PM-8:00 PM Wed
518.0APHA Student Assembly Business Meeting II
519.0Medical Care Section Program Planning Meeting
520.0Mental Health Section Council Meeting

The 133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition (December 10-14, 2005) of APHA