The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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6:30 AM-8:00 AM Tue
400.0Community Health Worker SPIG Business Meeting
401.0Community-Based Public Health Caucus Breakfast and Business Meeting
403.0MCH Section Child Care Committee Business Meeting
404.0Business Meeting
405.0Men and Reproductive Health Task Force Meeting of the PFPRH Section
406.0New Section Council Meeting

7:00 AM-8:00 AM Tue
407.0Health Administration Business Meeting
408.0Medical Care Section Council Business Meeting #4
409.0SAMHSA Breakfast
410.0PHEHP Section Business Meeting
411.0PHN Section Council Meeting
412.0Business Meeting

8:00 AM-10:30 AM Tue
4000.0Helen Rodriguez-Trias Breakfast - Latino Caucus

8:00 AM-12:00 PM Tue
4000.1Basic Course on Response to Terriorism for Health Providers and Responders

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Tue
4001.0Innovative Academic-Practice Linkages from Exemplary Workforce, Student and Faculty Projects - Part I: The Academic Public Health Caucus Poster Session *
4002.0Innovative Academic-Practice Linkages from Exemplary Workforce, Student and Faculty Projects - Part II: The Academic Public Health Caucus Poster Session
4003.0State Clean Indoor Air / Environmental Tobacco Smoke Poster Session *
4004.0Tobacco Research from Around the World: An International Perspective Poster Session
4005.0National and International Issues in Smoking Cessation Poster Session *
4006.0Tobacco Research with Implications for Prevention or Programs Poster Session
4007.0Evaluation Issues in Tobacco Control Poster Session *
4008.0Media Issues in Tobacco Control, Cessation and Prevention Poster Session
4009.0Tobacco Use among Diverse Populations Poster Session
4010.0Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Treatment and Aftercare
4011.0College Drinking: All the Places It Takes You
4012.0Tobacco Control Research
4013.0Convening a Public Health Services Research Leadership Forum
4014.0National Public Health Leadership Development Network
4015.0Data Integration: Building Strategic Alliances
4016.0National Association of Local Boards of Health
4017.0Current School Health Issues
4017.1Hepatitis B prevention in Asian and Pacific Islander communities: Myths and Facts
4018.0Health Needs and Service Use Among Homeless Persons
4019.0Evaluation and Outcomes of Faith-based Health Programs
4020.0Health Status and Adjustment of Immigrant and Refugee Youth
4021.0Innovative Community-based Approaches to Program and Policy Development aimed at Reducing Disparities in Primary Care and Prevention
4022.0Utilizing Modern Technology, The Web, GIS and Concept Mapping as Health Care Tools
4023.0Designing Health Promotion and Providing Access to Service for Cultural and Linguistic Minorities
4024.0Applying Methodological Techniques to Analyze the Effectivity of Managed Care and Primary Care Services
4025.0Community Health Workers addressing health disparities
4025.1Creative Community Interventions *
4026.0Health and Well-being for Women with Disabilities
4027.0Chemical and Biological Terrorism: Are We Prepared to Protect Public Health?
4028.0Antibiotics in U.S. Agriculture: Escalating Resistance Concerns and Policy Developments
4029.0Essential Services: A Framework for Enhancing Environmental Health Capacity
4030.0Social Networks and Alternative Approaches to TB Contact Investigations
4031.0Epidemiology Late Breakers I
4032.0Social and Lifestyle Determinants of Health
4033.0Human Research Protections and Public Health
4034.0Community Efforts to Fight Obesity
4035.0Cognitive and Emotional Health among Older Adults
4035.1National Efforts in Promoting Physical Activity in Older Adults
4035.2Appropriateness of Minimum Nurse Staffing Ratios in Nursing Homes: Phase II CMS Final Report
4036.0Medicaid and Public Health
4037.0Quality Management in Public Health
4038.0Risk Factors for HIV and Other Infections: Drug Use, Ethnicity, Gender, Income Inequality, and KABB
4039.0HIV Research and Evaluation
4040.0National Violent Death Reporting System: A Progress Report
4041.0Protecting Children in Motor Vehicles
4042.0Latin America Health Issues
4043.0Design Choices In Routine Health Information In Developing Countries
4044.0Responses to HIV/AIDS Around the World
4045.0International Mental Health/ Illness
4046.0Topics In Aging Among LGBT Populations
4047.0Translating Research into Practice to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes: A Community Effort
4048.0Emerging Issues in Infant and Perinatal Mortality in the United States
4049.0MCH among American Indian and Alaska Native populations
4050.0Outstanding Student Papers in Maternal and Child Health
4051.0Medical Care Section Poster Session #1
4052.0Medical Care Section Poster Session #2 *
4053.0Medical Care Section Poster Session #3
4054.0Medical Care Section Poster Session #4 *
4055.0Mental Health Posters IV: Diversity and Mental Health
4055.1Mental Health Posters V: Co-Morbidity and Use of Mental Health Services
4056.0Baltimore's Mental Health Capitation Program
4057.0Children's Mental Health Services
4058.0Evidence-Based Practices in Mental Health Treatment
4059.0Poster Session I
4060.0Poster Session II
4062.0Poster Session III
4063.0Poster Session I
4064.0Poster Session II
4065.0Postabortion Care: Meeting Clients' Needs
4066.0Advances in Contraceptive Services in Developing Countries
4067.0Reaching Male Adolescents
4068.0Health Communication Messages Used in Infectious and Chronic Disease Prevention Among Youth, Women, and General Population *
4069.0Women and Children's Issues in Health Education and Health Promotion
4070.0Physical Activity and Worksite Health Promotion: National, Statewide and Local Initiatives
4071.0Preparing Health Education and Health Promotion Professionals for Practice in the 21st Century
4072.0The Electronic Health Educator: The Internet as the Interventionist
4073.0New PHN Investigator Research Symposium
4074.0Access to Education in Public Health Nursing
4075.0Building Infrastructure for Public Health Nursing
4076.0Climbing The International Health Career Ladder
4077.0Substances Affecting Moods and Behavior of Youth
4078.0Progressive pedagogy session: ": Distance Education - Promise or Peril?... A Critical Analysis"
4079.0Statistical Issues in Biosurveillance
4080.0Helping Cancer Survivors to Live with Joy

9:30 AM-6:00 PM Tue
415.0APHA Governing Council Meeting - Session II

10:30 AM-12:00 PM Tue
4081.0Building Healthy Aging Communities
4082.0Designing Healthy Communities: Public Participation for Improved Environments
4083.0The Urban Research Centers: Where the Public and Public Health Meet
4084.0Bringing Human Rights Home: Using International Human Rights to Promote Public Health in the US

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Tue
4085.0Meeting the Challenges to Accreditation
4086.0Tobacco Addiction Treatment (Cessation) Poster Session
4087.0Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Control Research and Programs Poster Session
4088.0Special Populations and Substance Abuse Poster Session I
4089.0Special Populations and Substance Abuse Poster Session II
4090.0Improving Treatment Services to At-Risk Populations Poster Session
4091.0Outreach and Treatment Services for Women Poster Session *
4092.0Substance Abuse Treatment Strategies Poster Session
4093.0Patterns of Substance Abuse Poster Session
4094.0Etiology and Prevention of Substance Abuse among Youth Poster Session
4095.0Changing Treatment Systems and Methods Poster Session
4096.0Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm through Evidence-Based Policies
4097.0International Issues in Tobacco Control
4098.0Tobacco-Free Pharmacies: Using Ethics, Economics, Education, and Law to Achieve an Attainable Public Health Goal
4099.0Integrative Medicine: A Synthesis of CAM and Conventional Medicine
4099.1Maternal and Child Health Issues
4101.0Turning Point Performance Management Collaborative
4102.0NPHLDN Roundtable Session
4103.0Ethics and International Human Rights
4104.0Improving Decision Making Through the Use of Health Information
4105.0Where there is smoke, there is disease: Targeting tobacco prevention to Asian American populations
4106.0Intervention and Research Issues with Homeless Persons with Special Needs
4106.1Religion, Spirituality and Health
4107.0Coordinating Services to Increase Access to Health Care
4108.0Community Collaboratives Address the Uninsured and Expand Health Care Opportunities
4109.0Methodological Techniques Developed to Improve Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation *
4110.0Informatics and Concept Mapping in Health Care
4111.0Social Indicators and Community Health Planning
4112.0Partnerships in Policy Development, Planning and Implementation of Health Care
4113.0Community Health Workers as activists: addressing the needs of the community
4114.0Engaging Non-Resident African American Fathers in Youth Preventive Intervention: An Example of Community-Based Participatory Research With Families
4115.0Posters: Barriers and Facilitators to Participation
4116.0Posters: Health and Disability
4117.0Posters: Disability Potpourri *
4118.0Employment Decline and Promotion
4119.0Healthy Homes Projects on Asthma and Housing: Implementation, Outcomes, Policy Issues and Advocacy
4120.0Environmental Toxics: A Discussion on Environmental Links to Lupus
4121.0Challenges In Communicating Epidemiologic Methods and Research Results When Addressing Potential Environmental Exposures: From Assessment to Planned Intervention
4122.0Changing Demographics and Implications for Public Health
4123.0Public Health Implications of Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular Conditions
4124.0Putting the Public Into Immunization Activities
4125.0The Ethics of Democratic Decision-Making in Public Health Policy
4125.1Teaching Ethics in Public Health - A New Curriculum
4126.0Understanding and Addressing Ethnic Disparities in Chronic Diseases
4127.0Consumer-directed Care
4128.0Models of Community-based Care: Keeping Elders in Their Homes
4129.0Managed Care and Public Health
4130.0Staff Development in Public Health
4131.0Overcoming Barriers to Care: Meeting Consumer Expectations
4132.0Survival of hospitals serving vulnerable populations
4133.0Reforming the Rules for Research with Human Subjects
4134.0Prevention: Risk Factors in Various Populations
4135.0HIV Service Delivery for Multiply Diagnosed and Corrections Populations
4136.0Children, Youth, and Injury Prevention Posters
4137.0Latebreaker Posters in Injury Control
4138.0Motor Vehicle and Transportation Injury Posters *
4139.0Injury Surveillance Posters *
4140.0Globalization Myths and Realities
4141.0Rebuilding Primary Health Care and Health Zones in DR Congo
4142.0Monitoring and Evaluation
4143.0Healthy Behaviors among Latino Communities
4144.0Collaborations, partnerships and coalitions in Latino health advocacy
4145.0Martha May Eliot Awards Luncheon
4146.0Medical Care Section Student Paper Award Session
4147.0Health Services Research Contributed Papers #4: Canada and Scotland
4148.0Accountablity for Quality: The State of the Art
4149.0Medical Care Section Solicited Papers #3: Some Requisites of an Effective Universal Health Care Plan
4150.0HIV and Mental Health
4151.0The Bruno Lima Symposium: Mental Health of Latinos
4154.0Oral Health Challenges: Policy and International Issues
4155.0Violence: A Public Health Approach to Prevention
4156.0Podiatric Health Poster Session
4157.0U.S. Teen Pregnancy Prevention: What Works
4158.0Tools for Healthy Sexuality
4159.0HIV/STI Prevention: Expanding Options for Women
4160.0PHEHP Section Awards Luncheon
4160.1VERB: It's What You Do. CDC's Youth Media Campaign
4161.0PHN Section Luncheon and Awards
4162.0Developing Your Career In Public Health
4163.0Oh Those First Sixty Years of the School Health Education & Services Section
4164.0Public Health Social Work Issues In A Rural Community Setting
4165.0Social Justice in Practice: Evidence from the Field
4166.0Poster session (NEW!): "Social Justice & Public Health: Student Posters"
4167.0Issues in Health Data Collection *
4168.0Issues in Health Care Statistics
4169.0Should Mandatory Eye Exams Be the Law for School Aged Children?
4170.0Effective Activism for Change

2:30 PM-4:00 PM Tue
4171.0A Fundamental Necessity: The Central Role of Academic-Practice Linkages for Workforce Development
4172.0HIV Risk among Young Adult Injection Drug Users: Recent Findings from the Second Collaborative Injection Drug Users Study (CIDUS 2) and Similar Studies
4173.0Policy Interventions Research for Tobacco Control at the State and Local Level
4174.0Preventing Teen Alcohol Problems: Matching Methods to Solutions
4175.0Alternative and Complementary Therapies in Women's Health
4176.0Health Communications in Native Communities
4177.0The Many Aspects of Public Health Learning: Learning via Distance
4177.1Cultural boundaries, not cultural barriers: Contextual strategies for breast and cervical cancer intervention among Asian American and Pacific Islander women
4178.0Organ Donation and Transplantation: Is this a Public Health Issue?
4179.0Characteristics and Needs of Homeless Youth
4180.0Preparedness for and Repercussions of Bio-Terrorism
4181.0Violence at Home and in Our Communities
4184.0Employment of People with Disabilities
4185.0Public Health Implications of Community Design and Land Use Choices
4186.0Community-based Research In Children's Environmental Health
4187.0Infrastructure Development: Environmental Health Tracking
4188.0Child Health and the Environment
4189.0Family History as a Public Health Tool
4190.0It's Not Just About the Numbers: Ethics and the Practice of Epidemiology
4190.1The "Medical Police": Autonomy and Paternalism in Public Health
4191.0Social Marketing
4192.0Nutrition and physical activity programs to prevent overweight in children and adolescents: National and state strategies
4193.0Linking the Aging and Public Health Networks To Do Health Promotion & Chronic Disease Prevention: The Aging States Project
4194.0Access to Health Care among Older Adults
4195.0Standards Setting and Performance Measurement
4196.0Trends in Long Term Care
4197.0Innovations in Public Health Education and Practice *
4198.0Bioterrorism and Public Health
4199.0International HIV Issues: Asia and South Asia
4200.0HIV Service Linkage and Delivery, Research and Evaluation
4204.0Progress and Challenges to Health Reform in the Caribbean Basin
4205.0New Approaches to Persistent Problems
4206.0Ratios Not Roses for RNs: The Impact of Staffing Ratios on Patients and Nurses
4208.0Community-based Interventions II
4209.0Leadership and Activism for Women, Children and Families
4210.0P. Ellen Parsons Memorial Session: Trading Global Public Health
4211.0Quality Improvement Contributed Papers #2: Racial and Ethnic Disparities
4212.0Urban Health Contributed Papers
4213.0Effects of Disasters, Trauma, and War on Children's Mental Health
4214.0Prevention and Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders
4215.0The Kenneth Lutterman Award for Exemplary Student Papers in Mental Health
4216.0Popular Education for Workers H&S: Analysis of Past, Innovations and Challenges for the Future (Part 1)
4217.0Terrorism & Post Sept. 11th
4218.0Meeting the Challenge: The National Oral Health Call to Action
4219.0Diabetes Mellitus
4220.0Emergency Contraception in the United States
4221.0Broadening the Scope of Reproductive Health: International Perspectives
4222.0Building Public Support for Youth Programs in Developing Countries
4223.0Health Communication Tools You Can Use
4224.0Developing Quality Public Health Materials: Examples and Advice from the Section Award Winners
4225.0Qualitative Approaches for Health Education and Health Promotion Initiatives
4226.0Public Health Nursing: A Competency-Capacity Conundrum
4227.0Public Health Nursing and the Environment
4228.0Home Health and Public Health Converge
4229.0National Mentoring Program in Public Health: Successes and Challenges
4230.0What Difference Does Universal Health Care Make?: Experiences in the U.S. and Canada
4231.0Lowell Reed Lecture, Spiegelman and Statistics Section Awards
4232.0I: Sex, Violence and Disease in Little Girls

2:30 PM-4:30 PM Tue
4233.0APHA Satellite Broadcast Session

4:30 PM-6:00 PM Tue
4234.0School-Based Substance Use Prevention Programs Study: Findings about Fidelity of Implementation
4235.0New National Findings on Treatment Costs and Outcomes
4236.0Tobacco Control and the Liberal State: Legal, Ethical, and Policy Issues
4237.0Drug Use Problems and Addiction Issues
4238.0Naturopathic Licensure: Why not in my state?
4239.0Mental Health Issues
4239.1Public Health Professionals in the 21st Century: A Challenge and an Opportunity for Education
4239.2The Underrepresented Public: A Force To Be Reckoned With
4240.0Innovations in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: Healthy People 2010 Partnerships for Action
4241.0Torture and International Human Rights
4242.0The Many Aspects of Public Health Learning: Multimedia
4243.0Structural and individual correlates of South Asian health
4244.0The Influence of Stress On the Health of the African American Family
4244.1Faith and Health Potpourri *
4245.0AHPA President’s Session: Empowering Communities Through Planning and Community Health Initiatives
4246.0An Innovative Website (Health Information Tennessee – For Community Health Needs Assessment, Planning, And Decision Support
4247.0Developing Programs and Policies to Serve the Uninsured
4248.0Social Capital and Its Interconnectedness with Health
4249.0Developing a Community-based Infrastructure for Assessment and Planning
4250.0Other issues of importance to Community Health Workers
4251.0The WK Kellogg Community Health Scholars Program: Community-Based Research
4252.0Children with Disabilities
4253.0Protecting Children’s Health: Policy and Educational Strategies to Address Lead Poisoning and Asthma
4254.0Public Sector Preparation for Dealing with Environmental Hazards
4255.0Region II Asthma Initiative: A Public Health and Community Response to Asthma
4256.0Bioterrorism, Violence, Outbreaks
4257.0Epidemiology Poster Session
4258.0Health Behaviors and Risk Assessment
4259.0Race, Trust, and Tuskegee: Building Community Trust and Public Health Effectiveness
4260.0Body Image/Obesity in Minority Populations
4261.0Communicating about Health Issues with Older Adults
4262.0Quality in Nursing Home Care
4263.0Strategies for Health Promotion and Healthy Aging
4264.0Strategic Planning Methods and Tools
4265.0Use of Health Information to Improve Decision-making
4266.0Emerging Issues in Public Health
4267.0Strategies To Overcome Threats To The Survival Of Hospitals That Serve Vulnerable Populations
4268.0Privacy and Public Health
4269.0Culturally Appropriate HIV Prevention for Latinas and Childbearing Women
4269.1Firearm Injury
4269.2Motor Vehicle Injury
4270.0IH Posters I
4271.0IH Posters II
4272.0IH Posters III
4273.0IH Posters IV
4275.0Border Health Initiatives
4276.0LGBT Youth Research
4277.0Policy, politics and the health of mothers and children
4278.0Children with special health care needs *
4279.0MCH Data for Surveillance and Research I
4280.0Nutrition issues in maternal and child health
4281.0Avedis Donabedian Award Session
4282.0Health Economics Contributed Papers #2: Economic Analysis of Health Insurance and Managed Care
4283.0Medical Care Section Solicited Papers #4: The Challenges of Medical Care in Late Life
4284.0The Rema Lapouse Award Lecture
4285.0Popular Education for Workers H&S: Analysis of Past, Innovations and Challenges for the Future (Part 2)
4286.0Screening & Surveillance of Occupational Illnesses
4287.0Caries in Early Childhood and School-aged Children
4288.0Enhancement Of Preventive Services
4289.0Maternal Health: International Perspectives
4290.0Adolescent Reproductive Health in the United States
4291.0Men As Partners: International Perspectives
4292.0Professional Preparation Issues for The Profession
4293.0Effective Uses of the Internet in Health Education and Health Promotion
4294.0Qualitative Approaches to Health Communication Research
4295.0The Power in Partnerships: Using Partnership Approaches for Effective Public Health Education
4296.0Innovative Approaches to Addressing Youth Violence
4297.0Innovative Models for Evaluating Community Health Promotion Programs
4298.0Defining the "Audience": Contrasting Methods of Audience Segmentation
4299.0PHN Poster Session 1: Student Projects
4300.0PHN Poster Session 2: Student Projects
4301.0PHN Poster Session 3: Academic and Community Service Programs
4302.0PHN Poster Session 4: Disease Prevention and Control
4303.0PHN Poster Session 5: Mental Health/Mental Illness
4304.0PHN Poster Session 6: Maternal and Child Health
4305.0Health Promotion Posters
4306.0Health Promotion Posters II
4307.0School Health Research Posters
4308.0Understanding Human Behavior of Fibromyalgia Syndrome
4309.0Globalization and the Politics of Health: Latin America
4310.0Statistical Methodology Session
4311.0J: Social Aspects of Social Diseases (STD's)

6:30 PM-8:00 PM Tue
427.0ATOD Business Meeting and Networking Reception
428.0Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Business Meeting
429.0Business Meeting: Board Development and Retention
430.0Caucus on Public Health and the Faith Community Business Meeting
431.0Caucus on Immigrant and Refugee Health: Business Meeting
431.1Environment Section Business Meeting IV
432.0Epidemiology Section Business Meeting
433.0Ethics Forum: Special Interest Group
433.1Gerontological Health Section Business Meeting II
434.0Health Administration Social and Awards Ceremony
435.0Health Equity and Public Hospitals Caucus Business Meeting
436.0Business Meeting
437.0HIV/AIDS Section General Business Meeting #2
438.0ICEHS Business Meeting
439.0International Health Section Business Meeting II
440.0Labor Caucus Business Meeting
441.0Business Meeting II - Latino Caucus
443.0Medical Care Journal Editorial Board
444.0Business Meeting
445.0Oral Health Reception
446.0Health Communications: Healthy People 2010 Meeting
447.0PHN Section Student Poster Awards and Social Hour
448.0Business Meeting: Spirit of 1848 Caucus
449.0Statistics Section Business Meeting and Social Hour
450.0Vision Care Section Business Meeting

7:00 PM-10:00 PM Tue
451.0APHA Celebration

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Tue
452.0HIV/AIDS Section Networking Social, Awards Ceremony and Keynote Speaker Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former Surgeon General of the United States

8:30 PM-10:00 PM Tue
452.1The Challenges of Epidemiology in the Next Century
453.0Oral Health Section Business Meeting
4312.0Young Injection Drug Users
4313.0New Images and Activities of the Tobacco Industry
4314.0Substance Abusing Welfare Recipients
4316.0Disability Surveillance
4317.0HIV Prevention
4318.0Community Approaches
4319.0Refugees and Immigrants
4320.0Medical Care Section Solicited Papers #5: Attention Deficit - Science, Pills, Policies and Advocacy
4321.0Housing for Persons with Serious Mental Illness: Findings from a National Study I
4322.0Incorporating Consumers in the Public Mental Health System: Lessons from Philadelphia
4324.0Sexually At Risk: Understanding Sexual Risk Behaviors of Adolescents
4325.0Partnerships and Programs for Children's Health
4326.0Join the Conversation: Women's Health Roundtables

* = Presentation files available online

The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA