The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

Public Health Nursing

NOTE: Sessions listed in italics have been organized by another section, SPIG, or caucus but are endorsed by Public Health Nursing.

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Monday, November 11, 2002

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
3016.0Mental health matters: Acknowledging the needs of Asian Americans (Oral)
3017.0Chiropractic Care of Pain: Costs and Outcomes (Oral)
3019.0"Turning Point- 2002" to "Collaborative Leadership- An essential Component of Public Health." (Oral)
3020.0Diabetes: Addressing the Needs of Culturally Diverse Populations (Oral)
3023.0Practical Uses of Knowledge and Power: Cases From The Field (Oral)
3027.1Children's Environmental Health Issues in Environmental Health Practice: Indicators, Assessment , Exposure & Community Outreach (Poster)
3030.0Innovative Epidemiologic Methods for Community-based Investigations (Oral)
3037.1Prevention among Older Adults (Poster)
3048.0Newborn hearing detection and follow up (Oral)
3050.0Fetal alcohol syndrome prevention (Oral)
3056.0Occupational Asthma (Oral)
3060.0Meeting the Public Health Education Needs of Diverse Communities (Poster)
3062.0Use of Multimedia to Reach Diverse Audiences (Oral)
3065.0Community Partnership (Oral)
3066.0African-American Health Care Beliefs and Practices (Oral)
3067.0Research Foundations for Practice (Oral)
3071.0The Role of the Social Worker In Eliminating Health Disparities (Oral)
3072.0Tracking Healthy People 2010 (Oral)
3075.0Menopause-Life Transition and Gateway (Oral)
10:30 AM-12:00 PM Mon
3092.1Populations at Risk: Refugees and Detainees (Oral)
3093.0Models of Care Coordination (An Intersectional Joint Session) (Oral)
3094.0Diabetes & Women's Health Initiative: Recommendations for Public Health Action (Panel Discussion)
3095.0Partnerships Respond to the Community Voice: Lessons from the Community Care Network Demonstration (Oral)
3100.0Emerging and Recurrent Environmental Health Issues in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Oral)
3101.0Environmental and Health Consequences of the World Trade Center Attack (Oral)
3102.0Environmental Health Research by Nurse Scientists:Breaking New Ground (Oral)
3103.1Health Disparities: What Have We Learned That Can Be Put to Practice? (Oral)
3105.0The Long-term Care Continuum: Informal and Formal Caregiving (Oral)
3107.0Community Collaboration and Public/Private Partnerships (Oral)
3108.0Understanding and Addressing Barriers to Care for Children (Oral)
3112.0Occupational Injury (Oral)
3115.0Child Survival (Oral)
3117.0Breastfeeding: implementing national policy; programs and research (Oral)
3118.0Healthy Child Care America (Oral)
3122.0Occupational Health and Pollution Prevention (Oral)
3129.0Health Education Approaches for Addressing Environmental Health Issues (Oral)
3130.0Welfare Reform and Women's Health (Oral)
3131.0Perspectives on Community Assessment (Oral)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
3152.0Promoting Health and Reducing Morbidity in Infants and Children (Oral)
3153.0Highlighting local Community Health Worker programs (Oral)
3185.0Adolescent Health Issues (Poster)
3186.0Improving pregnancy outcomes and reducing infant mortality (Poster)
3192.1Trauma and Mental Health (Oral)
3194.0Organization of Work & Occupational Health (Oral)
3196.0Access to Oral Health Care (Oral)
3197.0War and Public Health (Oral)
3203.0Employing Lay Health Advisors as Change Agents in Community-Based Health Promotion Programs (Poster)
3205.0Communication During Public Health Chaos Events: Insights and Strategies (Oral)
3207.0Preparing for Global Health and Humanitarian Challenges (Oral)
3208.0Nursing Centers: Operations and Outcomes (Oral)
3212.0Measuring Health Disparities (Oral)
3213.0Vision Care Screening and Outreach Programs (Oral)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3216.0Strengthening the Workforce Insfrastructure for Emergency Preparedness (Oral)
3225.0Design and Evaluation of Interventions with Homeless Families (Oral)
3226.0Improving community health through faith and health partnerships (Oral)
3229.0Using Needs Assessment to Design Policies to Serve Diverse Communities (Oral)
3236.0Community Collaboration in Environmental Exposure: An Essential Component of Environmental Health Practice (Oral)
3249.0Older Adults and Injury (Oral)
3261.0Womens Health Contributed Papers: Promoting Screening in Vulnerable Populations of Women: Role of Provider-Patient Communication (Oral)
3265.0Young Workers: New Tools and Techniques (Oral)
3267.0Improving Oral Health Through School-based Health Centers (Oral)
3274.0Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Oral)
3275.0Strengthening PHN Practice Experiences in BSN Programs (Oral)
3280.0Health Effects of Agent Orange and Dioxins, Part I (Oral)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3290.0Cultural Aspects of Alternative and Complementary Health Practices (Oral)
3301.0Outcome-based Evaluations and Needs Assessment in Planning, Policy Development, and Service Delivery (Poster)
3311.0Understanding Antiretroviral Adherence: Models, Contexts, and Side-Effects (Oral)
3331.0Using the Internet as a Channel for the Delivery of Health Information (Oral)
3334.0Health Access for Vulnerable Populations (Oral)
3339.0History session: "Live from the City of Sisterly & Brotherly Love: The Founding Mothers and Fathers of Public Health & Social Justice" (Oral)
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3349.0Community Organizing For Public Health: What Strategies Worked? (Oral)
3359.0Health Communications (Oral)
3360.0Current School Health Policy Issues (Oral)
3361.0Outreach Strategies in Cancer Prevention (Oral)

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Tue
4018.0Health Needs and Service Use Among Homeless Persons (Oral)
4020.0Health Status and Adjustment of Immigrant and Refugee Youth (Oral)
4021.0Innovative Community-based Approaches to Program and Policy Development aimed at Reducing Disparities in Primary Care and Prevention (Oral)
4023.0Designing Health Promotion and Providing Access to Service for Cultural and Linguistic Minorities (Poster)
4025.1Creative Community Interventions (Roundtable)
4026.0Health and Well-being for Women with Disabilities (Oral)
4029.0Essential Services: A Framework for Enhancing Environmental Health Capacity (Oral)
4033.0Human Research Protections and Public Health (Oral)
4035.0Cognitive and Emotional Health among Older Adults (Oral)
4047.0Translating Research into Practice to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes: A Community Effort (Oral)
4057.0Children's Mental Health Services (Oral)
4067.0Reaching Male Adolescents (Oral)
4068.0Health Communication Messages Used in Infectious and Chronic Disease Prevention Among Youth, Women, and General Population (Poster)
4072.0The Electronic Health Educator: The Internet as the Interventionist (Oral)
4073.0New PHN Investigator Research Symposium (Oral)
4074.0Access to Education in Public Health Nursing (Oral)
4075.0Building Infrastructure for Public Health Nursing (Oral)
4077.0Substances Affecting Moods and Behavior of Youth (Oral)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Tue
4096.0Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm through Evidence-Based Policies (Oral)
4099.0Integrative Medicine: A Synthesis of CAM and Conventional Medicine (Oral)
4099.1Maternal and Child Health Issues (Oral)
4106.1Religion, Spirituality and Health (Oral)
4107.0Coordinating Services to Increase Access to Health Care (Poster)
4108.0Community Collaboratives Address the Uninsured and Expand Health Care Opportunities (Poster)
4111.0Social Indicators and Community Health Planning (Oral)
4112.0Partnerships in Policy Development, Planning and Implementation of Health Care (Oral)
4119.0Healthy Homes Projects on Asthma and Housing: Implementation, Outcomes, Policy Issues and Advocacy (Oral)
4125.0The Ethics of Democratic Decision-Making in Public Health Policy (Oral)
4127.0Consumer-directed Care (Oral)
4128.0Models of Community-based Care: Keeping Elders in Their Homes (Oral)
4130.0Staff Development in Public Health (Oral)
4142.0Monitoring and Evaluation (Oral)
4161.0PHN Section Luncheon and Awards (Social)
4170.0Effective Activism for Change (Oral)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Tue
4171.0A Fundamental Necessity: The Central Role of Academic-Practice Linkages for Workforce Development (Oral)
4174.0Preventing Teen Alcohol Problems: Matching Methods to Solutions (Oral)
4175.0Alternative and Complementary Therapies in Women's Health (Oral)
4181.0Violence at Home and in Our Communities (Oral)
4185.0Public Health Implications of Community Design and Land Use Choices (Oral)
4186.0Community-based Research In Children's Environmental Health (Oral)
4205.0New Approaches to Persistent Problems (Oral)
4206.0Ratios Not Roses for RNs: The Impact of Staffing Ratios on Patients and Nurses (Oral)
4211.0Quality Improvement Contributed Papers #2: Racial and Ethnic Disparities (Oral)
4213.0Effects of Disasters, Trauma, and War on Children's Mental Health (Oral)
4214.0Prevention and Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders (Oral)
4219.0Diabetes Mellitus (Oral)
4223.0Health Communication Tools You Can Use (Oral)
4226.0Public Health Nursing: A Competency-Capacity Conundrum (Oral)
4227.0Public Health Nursing and the Environment (Oral)
4228.0Home Health and Public Health Converge (Oral)
4229.0National Mentoring Program in Public Health: Successes and Challenges (Oral)
4232.0I: Sex, Violence and Disease in Little Girls (Oral)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Tue
4248.0Social Capital and Its Interconnectedness with Health (Oral)
4249.0Developing a Community-based Infrastructure for Assessment and Planning (Oral)
4253.0Protecting Children’s Health: Policy and Educational Strategies to Address Lead Poisoning and Asthma (Oral)
4261.0Communicating about Health Issues with Older Adults (Roundtable)
4267.0Strategies To Overcome Threats To The Survival Of Hospitals That Serve Vulnerable Populations (Oral)
4269.0Culturally Appropriate HIV Prevention for Latinas and Childbearing Women (Oral)
4276.0LGBT Youth Research (Oral)
4277.0Policy, politics and the health of mothers and children (Poster)
4278.0Children with special health care needs (Poster)
4280.0Nutrition issues in maternal and child health (Poster)
4287.0Caries in Early Childhood and School-aged Children (Oral)
4290.0Adolescent Reproductive Health in the United States (Poster)
4295.0The Power in Partnerships: Using Partnership Approaches for Effective Public Health Education (Oral)
4296.0Innovative Approaches to Addressing Youth Violence (Oral)
4297.0Innovative Models for Evaluating Community Health Promotion Programs (Oral)
4299.0PHN Poster Session 1: Student Projects (Poster)
4300.0PHN Poster Session 2: Student Projects (Poster)
4301.0PHN Poster Session 3: Academic and Community Service Programs (Poster)
4302.0PHN Poster Session 4: Disease Prevention and Control (Poster)
4303.0PHN Poster Session 5: Mental Health/Mental Illness (Poster)
4304.0PHN Poster Session 6: Maternal and Child Health (Poster)
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Tue
4314.0Substance Abusing Welfare Recipients (Oral)
4318.0Community Approaches (Oral)
4319.0Refugees and Immigrants (Oral)
4325.0Partnerships and Programs for Children's Health (Oral)

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
5014.0Assessing Disparities in Health Status and Health Care for Immigrants and Refugees in the United States (Oral)
5017.0Public/Private and Academic Partnerships Working With the Community (Oral)
5019.0Kids and Teens Participating in Partnerships: Making It Possible (Oral)
5022.0Emerging Issues in Environmental Toxics and Infrastructure Development (Poster)
5023.0Spotlight on Regional Environmental Health Issues in the mid-Atlantic Region: Thinking globally, acting locally - Philadelphia's response to environmental health issues (Poster)
5024.0Children's Environmental Health: Lead Prevalence, Prevention and Evaluation (Poster)
5025.0Children's Environmental Health: Childhood Asthma - Surveillance, Exposure, Innovative Community Outreach and Lessons Learned (Poster)
5025.1Infrastructure Development: Integrating Environmental Health into Health Care Provider Education and Practice (Oral)
5044.0Democracy, Governance, Ethics, and Justice (Oral)
5049.0Welfare reform and the health of mothers and children (Oral)
5050.0Adolescent Sexual Behavior, Pregnancy and Parenting (Poster)
5051.0Prenatal care services and outreach programs (Poster)
5054.0Methods in Health Services Research: Economic Analysis of Community-Based Interventions (Oral)
5056.0Medical Care Section Solicited Papers #6: Health Care of Immigrant Women - What Has Gone Well? (Oral)
5059.0Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment (Oral)
5060.0Safe Needles & Health Care Workers (Oral)
5061.0New Insights into Reproductive Behavior (Oral)
5068.0Strengthening PHN Workforce Capacity (Oral)
5069.0Bioterrorism: Implications for Public Health Nursing (Oral)
5070.0Physical Activity That Meets Adolescent and Child Health Needs (Oral)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Wed
5091.0Continuing Care in the Community Setting for the Elderly and Those With Chronic Health Needs (Oral)
5095.0Intellectual Disabilities (Oral)
5110.0Improving the Quality of Prevention, Provider Education, and Evaluation (Oral)
5119.0Impact of Home Visting Programs: Implications for Policy and Practice (Oral)
5120.0Translating Research into Action: Evidence Based Interventions to Prevent Smoking During Pregnancy and Prematurity (Oral)
5123.0Medical Care Section Solicited Papers #7: Disparities in Healthcare (Oral)
5127.0Work Organization in Health Care Part 1: Impact on Health (Oral)
5129.0Public Health Impacts of Conflict in Middle East (Oral)
5133.0Using Popular Media as Vehicles for Delivering Effective Health Messages (Oral)
5134.0The Role of Family in Health Education and Health Promotion Programs for Children and Adolescents (Oral)
5135.0Adolescents in Transition (Oral)
5136.0Cultural Diversity in PHN Practice (Oral)
5138.0Happiness is Proving Programs Keep Children Healthy (Oral)
5141.0Clinical Service Providers and Interfaces with the Community (Oral)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Wed
5159.0Working Together to Protect Children from Environmental Threats (Oral)
5160.0New Approaches to Environmental Health Practice (Oral)
5161.1Children's Environmental Health Roundtable - Multidisciplinary Approaches to Community-Based Environmental Health (Roundtable)
5167.0Self-Care for Chronic Diseases among Older Adults (Oral)
5168.0Planning for and Caring during the End of Life (Oral)
5175.0Protecting Children and Youth from Injury (Oral)
5177.0Infectious Diseases (Oral)
5182.0Adolescent Health Care: Barriers, Access and Utilization (Oral)
5183.0Transition of CSHCN to Adulthood: Healthcare and Employment (Oral)
5185.0Quality Improvement Contributed Papers #3 (Oral)
5186.0Mental Health Services for Persons who are Homeless (Oral)
5197.0New Arrivals: Caring for Refugees and Immigrants (Oral)
5198.0Expanding Primary Care (Oral)
5199.0Essentials in PHN Education (Oral)
5203.0Networking With The Community To Promote Social Work Public Health Programs (Oral)

The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA