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Monday, November 8, 2004

Monday, November 8, 2004

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6:30 AM-8:00 AM Mon
305.0ICEHS New Members' Breakfast and Business Meeting

7:00 AM-8:00 AM Mon
317.0Bridging Services and Services Research: Toward a New Public Health Paradigm

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
3000.0Excellence in Academic Practice Linkages I: Strengthening the Infrastructure
3001.0Excellence in Academic Practice Linkages II: Strengthening the Infrastructure
3002.0Genital Herpes 2004: Is It Time for a New Public Health Response?
3003.0Tobacco Marketing and Sponsorship: Special Populations
3004.0Trends in National Expenditures by Private and Public Payers for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: 1991 - 2001  [ Recorded presentation ]
3005.0Alcohol Problems Among Ethnic Minorities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3006.0Best Practices: Diabetes and American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians  [ Recorded presentation ]
3006.2Latebreaking Developments in Public Health
3006.3Understanding Different Cultures and Public Healthcare Customs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3006.4Healthy Environments: Healthy Children in Latin America and the Caribbean
3007.0Improving the Overall Health of Your Community Using Community-based Strategies: Implementing MAPP and PACE EH Simultaneously  [ Recorded presentation ]
3007.1Action Learning Public Health Leaders: Development Practices and Innovations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3008.0Health Literacy as a Pathway to a Better Informed Public and Improved Health Outcomes  [ Recorded presentation ]
3009.0HealthierUS: Achieving better health through nutrition, physical activity, preventive screenings and healthy choices  [ Recorded presentation ]
3010.0Human Rights in Prison: Local and Global Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
3011.0Online Health: Environmental Health, Lead and Capacity Building Models
3012.0Intersection between Public Health and Social Justice in the AAPI community: Increasing Student Activism and Advocacy
3013.0Two Homeless Family Intervention Projects  [ Recorded presentation ]
3014.0Chiropractic in the Changing Health Care Environment  [ Recorded presentation ]
3015.0The Relationship Between Asthma and the Environment
3016.0Confronting Myths and Fears of Cancer in the Minority Belief Systems  [ Recorded presentation ]
3017.0Methodological Techniques and Tools Utilized in Health Care Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation-I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3018.0Moving Medicaid and Medicare to Managed Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3019.0The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity  [ Recorded presentation ]
3020.0In Our Own Voices 1: Community Health Workers Present Strategies and Successes  [ Recorded presentation ]
3021.0Community-Based Participatory Research: A Review of Definitions, Methods, Implementation and Funding Criteria
3022.0Disability Measurement, Classification, and ICF
3023.0Environmental Public Health in Action
3024.0Environment Section Student Poster Showcase *
3025.0Air Pollution: From Assessment to Intervention
3026.0Issues That Affect Us All - Health in the Global Environment  [ Recorded presentation ]
3027.0Environmental Public Health: Exposures, Surveillance & Risk Assessment *
3027.1Human Biomonitoring Research and Usage  [ Recorded presentation ]
3028.0Roundtable session - Careers in Epidemiology, Cancer Prevention
3029.0Epidemiologic Applications of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3030.0Vaccine Preventable Diseases  [ Recorded presentation ]
3031.0Asthma Epidemiology
3032.0Challenges and Findings in the Study of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
3033.0Research and the Public Interest
3034.0Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: What's New?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3035.0Surveillance and Survey Data: Implications for Prevention, Programs and Policies  [ Recorded presentation ]
3036.0Innovations for Older Adults' Health and Well-being *
3037.0Promoting and Maintaining Independence among Older Adults
3038.0Hot Topics in Aging and Health
3039.0Current Issues in Health and Health Care for Older Adults
3040.0Quality of Life in the Later Years
3041.0Innovations in Long-term Care
3042.0Social/Behavior: Improving Access to Care in the Current Political and Economic Environment  [ Recorded presentation ]
3043.0New Strategies in Information Technology  [ Recorded presentation ]
3044.0Planning: Multiple Policy Approaches to Public Health Programs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3045.0Health Disparities and Drug Abuse Research Within an Environmental Framework
3046.0Behavioral Aspects of HIV/AIDS Poster Session
3047.0Psychosocial Factors and HIV/AIDS Poster Session
3048.0HIV/AIDS Prevention Poster Session
3049.0HIV/AIDS Policy Poster Session
3050.0HIV/AIDS International Health Poster Session
3051.0Agricultural and Occupational Injuries  [ Recorded presentation ]
3052.0Bioterrorism and Disaster Preparedness  [ Recorded presentation ]
3053.0Global Burden of Road Traffic Injuries  [ Recorded presentation ]
3054.0Addressing Informal Payments in Transitional Economies: An Albania Case Study
3055.0Safe Motherhood Strategies and Programs: Making a Difference
3055.1Improving Access to Health Care: Getting Individuals the Services They Need  [ Recorded presentation ]
3055.2Community-Based Approaches to Delivering Essential Newborn Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3056.0The Diabetes Challenge  [ Recorded presentation ]
3057.0War as an Environmental Hazard for Women and Children
3058.0Using Data to Evaluate Risk of Violence Toward Mothers and Children in Target Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3059.0Adolescent Nutrition, Obesity and Physical Activity
3060.0Women's Health: Women and Their Environments - Work, Home and Community  [ Recorded presentation ]
3061.0Studies in Determining What Is Appropriate Patient Care (Health Services Research Contributed Papers #1)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3062.0Studies on Disparities in Insurance Coverage and Diversity in Service Provision (Ethnic and Racial Disparities Contributed Papers #1)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3063.0Mental Health Care in the Criminal/Juvenile Justice Systems  [ Recorded presentation ]
3064.0Multisite Findings of Consumer-Operated Programs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3065.0Findings from the National Latino and Asian American Study
3066.0Workers' Safety and Health: Posters Plus! *
3067.0Health Disparities Research in the Work Environment: Opportunities and Obstacles
3068.0Reproductive Health of Youth: Poster Session
3069.0Men, Couples, and Gender Issues in Reproductive Health: Poster Session
3070.0Factors Related to Use of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services: Poster Session
3071.0HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention in Reproductive Health Programs: Poster Session
3072.0U.S. and International Perspectives on Abortion: Poster Session
3073.0Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health Roundtables
3074.0Disease-specific Health Communication Campaigns *
3075.0Theory and Research in Health Communication *
3076.0The use of Technology in Health Promotion  [ Recorded presentation ]
3077.0Strong Women, Good Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3078.0Preparing for Preparedness  [ Recorded presentation ]
3079.0A Good Start  [ Recorded presentation ]
3080.0Outside of the Box  [ Recorded presentation ]
3080.1Economic Disparities
3081.0Public Health Student Caucus Poster Session I
3082.0Public Health Student Caucus Poster Session II
3083.0School Health Successes and Challenges  [ Recorded presentation ]
3084.0Panel: Environmental Contributions to Mental Disorder for African Americans
3085.0Critical Perspectives on Pharmaceutical Companies  [ Recorded presentation ]
3086.0Statistical and Data Analysis Issues for Health Services Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3087.0Current Issues in Vision Care and Oral Health (organized jointly by VC and OH)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3088.0Gender, Ethnic and Income Disparities in Access to Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3089.0 State-level Interventions for Intimate Partner Violence  [ Recorded presentation ]

10:30 AM-12:00 PM Mon
3090.0Building the Evidence Base for Public Health Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3091.0International Tobacco Control Tango: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back  [ Recorded presentation ]
3092.0Heavy Drinking and Alcohol Problems: New Results from National Surveys  [ Recorded presentation ]
3093.0ATOD within LGBT Populations: High Priority for Science to Service  [ Recorded presentation ]
3094.0Bringing Alternative and Complementary Health Practices into Medical Care and Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3095.0Modern Perspectives on Botanical Therapies
3096.0Environmental Health and Native Communities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3096.1Informatics IS the Future of Public Health
3096.2MPHI Session
3097.0From Poster to Presentation to Paper: How Do We Get Through The Process? (Jointly organized by the Editorial Board and the Editorial Team of the American Journal of Public Health)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3098.0A Capital Look at Women's Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
3098.1Media Advocacy Session: How to Work with the Media
3099.0Are We Ready? Repositioning Public Health for the 21st Century  [ Recorded presentation ]
3100.0Equal Health Opportunity Committee Scientific Session: Environmental Justice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3101.0Council of Linkages Core Competencies  [ Recorded presentation ]
3102.0The Human Rights of Indigenous People: A Global Perspective  [ Recorded presentation ]
3103.0Internet-based Health Education and Learning
3104.0Asian American and Pacific Islander Environmental Health Issues: The Physical, Social, and Built Environment
3105.0Stop! You are Making Me Sick! Improving Public Health through Political and Social Change  [ Recorded presentation ]
3106.0U.S. Government Policies for Refugee and Immigrant Health: Where Are We Coming From? Where Are We Headed?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3107.0Issues in Chiropractic and Public Health Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
3108.0Methodological Techniques and Tools Utilized in Health Care Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation-II  [ Recorded presentation ]
3109.0Giving Our Children a Healthy Start  [ Recorded presentation ]
3110.0Medicaid and Managed Care: Reaching and Serving Those In Need  [ Recorded presentation ]
3111.0Allies Against Asthma Coalitions: Improving Ways to Implement and Integrate Asthma Interventions  [ Recorded presentation ]
3112.0Community Health Workers As Integral Members of the Health Care Team  [ Recorded presentation ]
3113.0Disability Surveillance
3114.0Emerging Metrics and Methods in Environmental Health Science  [ Recorded presentation ]
3116.0Biomonitoring: Community Advocacy and Policy Implications  [ Recorded presentation ]
3116.1Integrity of Science: How Political Agendas Impact Public Health
3117.0International Late Breaker
3118.0Public Health in the Environment 1  [ Recorded presentation ]
3119.0Addressing Disparities in Nutrition and Physical Activity Through Environmental Change  [ Recorded presentation ]
3120.0Learning from the PACE Experience--Managed Acute and Long-term Care for Community Dwelling Frail Elderly
3121.0Special Session: 2004 Award Winners for the Gerontological Health Section  [ Recorded presentation ]
3122.0Meet NIDA Research Scientist and Program Staff and Explore Opportunities for Conducting Drug Abuse Research
3123.0Public Health Leadership Training Programs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3124.0Leadership: Public and Private Collaborations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3125.0The Medicare Modernization Act: And The Financial Future of Medicare  [ Recorded presentation ]
3126.0HIV/AIDS Research Roundtable: Latino and Hispanic Health
3127.0HIV/AIDS Prevention Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3128.0Violence Against Women  [ Recorded presentation ]
3129.0Unintentional Injuries and Poisonings  [ Recorded presentation ]
3130.0Urban Health: A Growing International Crisis  [ Recorded presentation ]
3131.0Health Impacts of Agricultural Practices
3131.1Donor Trends in International Health
3132.0Organized Labor and Public Health: Natural Allies or Reluctant Partners?
3132.1Quality Assurance of HIV Diagnostic and Monitoring Technologies Into Resource-Poor Settings
3132.2Latino Health Initiative: A Model for Change  [ Recorded presentation ]
3133.0Child and Adolescent Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
3134.0The Role of Families and Providers in Identifying and Managing Children With Asthma  [ Recorded presentation ]
3135.0State and National Issues in Genetics  [ Recorded presentation ]
3136.0Preterm Birth, SIDS and Infant Mortality: From Research to Action
3137.0The Federal Response to Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Quality of Clinical Treatment (Medical Care Section Solicited Session #1)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3138.0The Rema Lapouse Award Lecture  [ Recorded presentation ]
3139.0Young Workers: Special Needs, Challenges and Opportunities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3140.0Worker Health in the Lula Administration in Brazil  [ Recorded presentation ]
3141.0CLASH! Corporate Behavior and Worker Health & Safety
3142.0Integrating Family Planning and HIV/STI Prevention: U.S. and International Perspectives  [ Recorded presentation ]
3143.0Population, Reproductive Health and the Environment: Implementing, and Evaluating Effective Integrated Programs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3144.0Reproductive Health Roundtables: Gender Issues and Other Topics
3145.0PHEHP Materials Contest Winners
3146.0Difference and Inequality: Mobilizing for Change  [ Recorded presentation ]
3147.0Environmental Health Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
3148.0Womens Issues
3149.0Valuable New School Health Resources  [ Recorded presentation ]
3150.0Capitalism and the Environment  [ Recorded presentation ]
3151.0Environmental Histories, Social Justice & Public Health
3152.0Monitoring Healthy People 2010: Midcourse Preview  [ Recorded presentation ]
3153.0Rape and Sexual Assault Experiences of Teenage Girls  [ Recorded presentation ]
3153.1Dimensions of Disease Control in Developing Countries  [ Recorded presentation ]

12:30 PM-1:45 PM Mon
3159.5Committee on Affiliates Student Poster Session II

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
3154.0Academic/Practice Partnerships for Workforce Training and Improved Community Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3155.0Politics and Publics: Tobacco Industry Issues Management
3156.0Prescription Drug Problem Use: Emerging Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
3157.0ONDCP Early Intervention Media Campaign
3158.0Body, Mind, and Spirit in Public Health: Caring for the Whole Person  [ Recorded presentation ]
3159.0Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit  [ Recorded presentation ]
3159.1Emerging Technologies Are Changing Public Health Practice
3159.3Committee on Affiliates Poster Session
3159.4Committee on Affiliates Student Poster Session I
3160.0Communicating and Developing a Relationship with Legislators
3161.0Public Health Performance Improvement: How National Public Health Performance Standards Make the Difference (Part I)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3162.0Building Public Health Infrastructure to Cover the Uninsured  [ Recorded presentation ]
3163.0Unhealthy Behaviors: Tobacco and Inhalants
3164.0South Asian Public Health Association Symposium
3165.0The Black Young Professionals' Public Health Network: How Can Young Professionals Contribute To The Elimination of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3165.1Improving Community Health Through Faith and Health Partnerships *
3166.0Innovative Programs for Refugees and Immigrants  [ Recorded presentation ]
3167.0Issues in Chiropractic Practice and Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3168.0Reducing Health Disparities Through Partnerships, Prevention and Insurance  [ Recorded presentation ]
3169.0Reaching for the Goal of Universal Health Insurance  [ Recorded presentation ]
3170.0Addressing Depression in Communities of Color in Los Angeles: Strategies and Lessons Learned from the Healthy African American Families (HAAF) Project  [ Recorded presentation ]
3171.0Community Benefit Today: Perspectives  [ Recorded presentation ]
3172.0Career Development and Education for Community Health Workers  [ Recorded presentation ]
3173.0Innovative Applications of Community Based Research
3173.1STEPS to a Healthier US Initiative: National and Community-Level Strategies to Address Chronic Disease  [ Recorded presentation ]
3174.0Disability and Health Promotion
3174.1Environment Section Homer N. Calver Lecture
3175.0Built Environment Institute I: Exploring the Connections Between the Built Environment and Obesity  [ Recorded presentation ]
3176.0Syndromic Surveillance: Moving Forward  [ Recorded presentation ]
3177.0Survey Methodology in the Darfur Crisis
3178.0Communities Old and New: Trends in STD and HIV Transmission  [ Recorded presentation ]
3179.0Community Research and Environmental Justice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3180.0Food and Nutrition Poster I: The Obesigenic Environment
3181.0Food and Nutrition Poster II: Childhood Overweight
3182.0Food and Nutrition Poster III: Adult and Elder Nutrition Issues
3183.0Food and Nutrition Poster IV: Current Topics in Nutrition
3184.0National Agenda for the Environment and the Aging: A Case Study on Air Pollution and the Broader Applications  [ Recorded presentation ]
3185.0Health Administration Educational Posters *
3186.0Health Administration Posters in Emergency Preparedness, Finance, and Leadership *
3187.0Health Administration Posters in Managed Care, Planning, Policy and Quality
3188.0Health Administration Posters in Quality, Social/Behavior Environment and Structural
3189.0Health Administration Structural Posters *
3190.0Managed Care: Evaluations of Interventions  [ Recorded presentation ]
3191.0Success Strategies For Public Hospitals: A Focus On Ambulatory Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3192.0International Perspective: HIV/AIDS Around the Globe  [ Recorded presentation ]
3193.0Studies of African Americans and HIV/AIDS  [ Recorded presentation ]
3194.0Disaster and Terrorism Poster Session
3195.0Age Specific Injury Patterns Poster Session
3196.0Late Breaking Injury Issues Poster Session
3197.0Transportation and Other Injuries Poster Sessions
3198.0Population, Health and Environment: What's the Connection?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3199.0Effective Approaches to Improved Maternal and Child Health: Do They Exist?
3200.0Improving Reproductive Health Services
3201.0Growing Public Health Laboratory Infrastructure in Resource-Poor Settings
3202.0Environmental Exposure: Morbidity and Mortality Consequences for Latino Communities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3203.0LGBT Youth Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3204.0Barriers to Care and Evidenced Based Research in Maternity Health Services
3205.0Improving Pregnancy Outcomes Posters: Assessing Risk Factors, Enhancing Protective Factors
3206.0Topics in Maternal and Child Health *
3207.0Studies of the Impact of Quality Improvement Efforts in Hospitals and Communities (Quality Improvement Contributed Papers #1)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3208.0Various Studies on Drug Policy (Drug Policy and Pharmacy Services Contributed Papers)
3209.0Studies of Health Insurance Coverage and Its Impacts (Health Economics Contributed Papers #1)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3210.0Rural Health Contributed Papers  [ Recorded presentation ]
3211.0Violence and Mental Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3212.0The Role of Consumers and Families in Mental Health Treatment
3213.0Psychiatric Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
3214.0Scientific Integrity in Regulation
3215.0Managing Mold: Results of a Collaborative Research, Clinical and Worker Training Process
3216.0Health Care Workers: Research on Safety and Health Hazards  [ Recorded presentation ]
3217.0What's Going 'round in Oral Health? *
3218.0War and Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3219.0Addressing Unsafe Abortion in International Settings  [ Recorded presentation ]
3220.0Improving Reproductive Health Access to Underserved Populations: Poster Session
3221.0Family Planning and Reproductive Health of Youth in the U.S.: Poster Session
3222.0Family Planning and Reproductive Health Posters: Supply Issues and other topics
3223.0Role of Relationships, Gender and Men in Reproductive Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3224.0Improving Reproductive Health Program Quality and Outcomes
3225.0Student Poster Contest Winners
3226.0Hot topics in Health Promotion
3227.0Revisiting the Internet
3228.0What's in/on the Air: A Multi-method Evaluation of TV's Effect on Environmental Health
3229.0Speaking Truth to Power: Advocacy in Action  [ Recorded presentation ]
3230.0Reasons to Move  [ Recorded presentation ]
3231.0Environmental Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3232.0Student Welcome & Orientation
3233.0Obesity Prevention in School Settings  [ Recorded presentation ]
3234.0Asthma and School Indoor Air Quality  [ Recorded presentation ]
3235.0Service Delivery and Integrated Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3236.0Race, Class, and Hierarchy: A Closer Look at Health Inequalities
3237.0Biostatistical Methods in Public Health Research and Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3238.0International Eye Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3239.0Women and Cancer Poster Session
3240.0 Women's Health in a Social Context: A Poster Session

2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3241.0Innovative Agency-Academic Partnerships for Public Health Preparedness  [ Recorded presentation ]
3242.0Institute of Medicine Report on Underage Drinking: Mobilizing for Action  [ Recorded presentation ]
3243.0Tobacco Countermarketing Campaigns: Evaluating Results  [ Recorded presentation ]
3244.0APHA Special Session on Medicare Drug Benefit, Part I
3245.0Alternative and Complementary Health Practices and Women’s Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3245.1Comparing for Action: The United Health State Health Rankings  [ Recorded presentation ]
3245.2Bye, Bye, Boomers: Public Health Workforce Development and the Role of Affiliates  [ Recorded presentation ]
3246.1Advocacy Law
3247.0Got Skills? How to Build Your Public Health Systems Performance Assessment (NPHPSP Part II)
3248.0Public Health Code of Ethics: Issues and Challenges for Current Practice
3248.1Current Issues in Public Health Ethics  [ Recorded presentation ]
3249.0eHealth tools for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians
3250.0Find Them, Nurture Them, Employ Them! Pipeline to Health Professions for People of Color - Roadmap to Better Health for All!  [ Recorded presentation ]
3250.1Faith and Health Leaders Collaborating to Eliminate Health Disparities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3251.0Chiropractic: Access, Outreach and Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3252.0GIS Facilitating Health Planning and Evaluation  [ Recorded presentation ]
3253.0Environment as Social Capital Affecting Health Status
3254.0Partnerships: Expanding the Community's Capacity for Planning and Evaluation  [ Recorded presentation ]
3255.0Community Health Workers and Youth: Shaping the Future  [ Recorded presentation ]
3256.0Disabilities and the Environment--Special Panel
3257.0What Do the 2004 Elections Mean for Environmental Public Health? An Interactive Discussion
3258.0Built Environment Institute II: Community Design and Health Impact: Toward the Full Integration of Walking and Biking as Alternative Modes of Transportation  [ Recorded presentation ]
3260.0Dangerous Work: Occupational Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
3261.0Epidemiologic Methods for Studies Related to Cancer  [ Recorded presentation ]
3262.0Multilevel Approaches to STD Epidemiology & Prevention  [ Recorded presentation ]
3263.0Influencing Policy for Nutrition and Physical Activity Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
3264.0The Future of Medicare: Impact of the 2004 Medicare Modernization Act
3265.0Susan B. Anthony Aetna Award for Research on Older Women and Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3266.0What Can We Do About Health Care?
3267.0Dual Use: Problems and Opportunities for Using Emergency Preparedness to Build the Public Health Infrastructure  [ Recorded presentation ]
3268.0Is Business A Partner in Healthcare Reform: Perspectives From Across The Nation  [ Recorded presentation ]
3269.0Role of Litigation in Improving Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3270.0HIV/AIDS Research Roundtable: African American Health *
3271.0HIV/AIDS Epidemiology & Surveillance  [ Recorded presentation ]
3272.0Injury Prevention – the Legacy of Patricia Waller  [ Recorded presentation ]
3273.0Community IMCI Experiences and Implications for the Future  [ Recorded presentation ]
3274.0Controversies in the Financing and Delivery of Antiretroviral Drugs for AIDS in Africa  [ Recorded presentation ]
3275.0Global Environmental Change and Disease Emergence
3276.0Transgender Health
3277.0Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition: Evidence-based Clinical Care, Innovative Programs, Policy Implementation, and Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3278.0Systems of Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs: Ensuring Access and Quality
3279.0Policy and Financing of Women and Children's Health
3280.0Delving into the Black Box: New Perspectives on Race / Ethnicity and Birth Outcomes  [ Recorded presentation ]
3280.1Systems to Improve Maternal and Child Health *
3281.0Studies on Prevention and Treatment of Breast and Cervical Cancers (Womens' Health Contributed Papers #1)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3282.0Controlling Drug Prices at Home and Abroad: Beyond Formularies and Importation (Medical Care Section Solicited Session #2)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3283.0Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors in Health Care: Social Science Pespectives (Social Sciences in Health Contributed Papers)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3284.0Urban Health Contributed Papers  [ Recorded presentation ]
3285.0The Carl Taube Award Lecture  [ Recorded presentation ]
3286.0Talking Heads: What Can We Expect in 2005 on Workers' Safety & Health from the Agencies, White House & Congress?
3287.0Occupational Health Services: Programs and Research
3288.0Updates: Call to Action & Healthy People 2010  [ Recorded presentation ]
3289.0Defining Personhood: Ethical and Public Policy Implications for Reproductive Health Services and Biogenetic Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3290.0Where do Youth Get Reproductive Health Information? Communication to Improve Behavior
3291.0Advances in Contraceptive Method Choice and Programmatic Guidelines for Effective Use  [ Recorded presentation ]
3292.0Mayhew Derryberry: Implications of His Legacy for Contemporary Health Education Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3293.0Innovations in Teaching, Researching, and Applying Health Communication
3294.0Health for All: Promoting Health in Special Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3295.0Primary Prevention  [ Recorded presentation ]
3296.0Alternative Approaches  [ Recorded presentation ]
3297.0Physical Activity in the Nation's Schools  [ Recorded presentation ]
3298.0School-Based Mental Health Programs and Services  [ Recorded presentation ]
3298.1Roundtable: School Health Topics *
3299.0Globalization, Health, and Health Care
3300.0Social Justice, Data, Discrimination, and Social Inequalities in Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3301.0Innovations in Biostatistical Methods and Applications
3302.0Agent Orange, Dioxins, and Health I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3303.0Access to Care: Diverse Needs of Diverse Women

4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3304.0Alcohol and Health: The Good and Bad News Poster Session
3305.0Adolescent Alcohol Use: Trends and Effects of Interventions Poster Session
3306.0Women, Alcohol, and Screening Poster Session
3307.0Identifying and Reducing Alcohol Related Risks Poster Session
3308.0Alcohol on Campus: Sex Drugs and Effective Controls Poster Session *
3309.0Thirty Seconds to Save a Life: Health Professionals Helping Smokers Quit
3310.0Fighting the Good Fight: Opioids and Buprenorphine  [ Recorded presentation ]
3311.0Substance Abuse Prevention Programs Poster Session
3312.0International Tobacco Poster Session
3313.0Shared Resources and Evidence-Based Treatments Poster Session
3314.0Abuse of Malt Liquor: Epidemiology and Prevention  [ Recorded presentation ]
3315.0Global Alternative and Complementary Health Practice Perspectives: Alternative and Complementary Health Practices Around the World  [ Recorded presentation ]
3315.3Late Breaker: Current Issues and Innovations in Native Community Based Programs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3315.4Late-breaking Session - Influenza: Vaccines, Policies and Pandemics
3316.0Steps to a HealthierUS  [ Recorded presentation ]
3316.1Creating Leadership in the Community- Lessons Learned from the Maternal and Child Health Community Leadership Institute  [ Recorded presentation ]
3317.0Online Health Education and Promotion: Health Behavior, STDs and Pregnancy Prevention
3318.0Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Across the Lifespan: Our Children to Our Elders
3319.0Community Activism and Participatory Approaches Towards Advancing the Health of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
3320.0Emerging Health Issues within Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Communities
3321.0Healthy Lifestyles for Cardiovascular Health and Smoking Prevention
3322.0Opportunities for Healthy Behaviors and Providing Preventive Services
3323.0HIV/AIDS: Testing, Prevention and Service
3324.0Developing a Community-based Infrastructure for Assessment, Planning, and/or Evaluation-I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3325.0Exploring Effective Methods To Reach Children At Risk  [ Recorded presentation ]
3326.0Academic Partnerships Working Together with Community Agencies  [ Recorded presentation ]
3327.0A Community-City-University Collaboration for Healthy Public Housing  [ Recorded presentation ]
3328.0Environmental Justice and Community-Based Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3329.0Children and Adolescents with Disabilities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3329.1Health Indicators and Methods of Capacity Building: Disparities in Vulnerable Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3330.0Core Environmental Health Functions: New Approaches  [ Recorded presentation ]
3331.0Addressing Environmental Health Disparities in Environmental Public Health Tracking  [ Recorded presentation ]
3332.0Pollutants and Pathogens - Issues that Affect the Worlds Water Supply  [ Recorded presentation ]
3333.0Built Environment Institute III: Building Health Back Into Community - Toward he Creation of a More Sustainable and Less Toxic Built Environment, Part I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3333.2Healthy at Home: Addressing Health Disparities Among Vulnerable Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3333.3Epidemiology Awards Session: Wade Hampton Frost Lecture  [ Recorded presentation ]
3334.0Unraveling the Mystery of Overweight and Obesity Related Costs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3335.0Gerontological Health 2004 Leadership Awards Presentation Featuring the inaugural Philip G. Weiler Leadership Award
3336.0Homeland Security  [ Recorded presentation ]
3337.0Medicaid And The State Child Health Insurance Program: State And Federal Budgetary Pressures On The Uninsured  [ Recorded presentation ]
3338.0Public Health Data and Privacy  [ Recorded presentation ]
3339.0HIV/AIDS Section Panel Session: Reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act
3340.0Current Activities in Community-Based Primary Health Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3341.0The Nurse Staffing Crisis: Aspects of the Problem
3342.0Poster Session: Lifestyle Behaviors and Associated Chronic Illnesses
3343.0Poster Session: Access to care
3344.0Issues in LGBT Health: Poster Session I
3345.0Issues in LGBT Health: Poster Session II
3346.0Evidence Based Childbirth:Does Data Make a Difference in the Medical Delivery Business?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3347.0Linking Public Health Program Activities to Health Outcomes: Econometric Approaches (Update on Health Services Research)
3348.0Mental Health Poster Session I
3349.0Mental Health Poster Session II
3350.0Mental Health Poster Session III
3351.0An Historical View of Workers Safety and Health at the 90th Anniversary of the APHA's Occupational Health & Safety Section
3352.0Seniors in Our Changing Environment (Organized Jointly with Oral Health and Gerontological Health)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3353.0Terrorism and Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3353.1Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony
3355.0Promoting Good Nutrition and Physical Activity
3356.0Alcohol and Tobacco: Public Education and Media Advocacy *
3357.0Mobilizing Communities in Research and Intervention
3358.0E-Health: A new Frontier for Health Communication  [ Recorded presentation ]
3359.0The Spectrum of HIV/AIDS
3360.0Be Prepared  [ Recorded presentation ]
3361.0 Student Posters
3362.0Poster 1
3363.0School Health Posters: Obesity Prevention
3364.0School Health Posters: Curriculum; Programs; Services
3365.0Social Work Poster Session *
3366.0The People's Health Movement and Its Resistance to the Corporatization of Health
3367.0Social Justice, Urban Planning, and the Built Environment: Integrating History, Politics of Public Health Data, and Progressive Pedagogy
3368.0Statistical and Modeling Techniques for Health Outcomes Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3369.0Agent Orange, Dioxins and Health II  [ Recorded presentation ]
3370.0Sex Workers: Voluntary and Forced  [ Recorded presentation ]

6:30 PM-8:00 PM Mon
347.0Networking Session For Safety Net And Public Hospital Advocacy
358.0Public Health Social Worker of the Year Award

6:30 PM-8:30 PM Mon
361.0Agnes Higgins Award Lecture and Reception

6:30 PM-9:00 PM Mon
363.0ACHP Business Meeting/Social Hours

8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3371.0ATOD Late Breaker Session
3372.0Funding for State and Local Tobacco Control Programs: Issues and Responses  [ Recorded presentation ]
3373.0Treatment Entry and Retention  [ Recorded presentation ]
3374.0Environmental Factors and Obesity  [ Recorded presentation ]
3375.0HIV/AIDS Among Youth and Adolescents  [ Recorded presentation ]
3376.0Addressing the Global Problems of AIDS, TB, and Malaria
3377.0Ensuring Adequate Services for Immigrants, Refugees and Displaced Persons  [ Recorded presentation ]
3378.0Making Health Care Accessible and Affordable  [ Recorded presentation ]
3379.0APHA Film Festival: International Health (films TBA)
3380.0Data Analysis to Improve Maternal and Child Health
3381.0Data Sources on Workplace Injuries and Illnesses: Workers' Compensation and Beyond  [ Recorded presentation ]
3382.0Catching our Breath: Asthma Assessment and Intervention  [ Recorded presentation ]
3385.0Sexually Transmitted Diseases  [ Recorded presentation ]

* = Presentation files available online

The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA