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American Public Health Association
133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 10-14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
APHA 2005

Maternal and Child Health

NOTE: Sessions listed in italics have been organized by another section, SPIG, or caucus but are endorsed by Maternal and Child Health.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
3004.0Evidence Based Alternative and Complementary Health Practice Research (Oral)
3011.0Progress in Spinal Pain (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3025.0Psychiatric Epidemiology (Oral)
3026.0Evidence-Based Environmental Approaches to Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity: An Update on Projects in New Orleans (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3027.0The Gendered Experience of Food Choice (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3031.0Intimate Partner Violence (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3032.0Poisonings and Unintentional Injuries (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3037.0HIV/AIDS Prevention: From Safer Medical Procedures to Changed Sexual Behavior (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3039.0Examining Youth Assets and Risk Behaviors (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3040.0Addressing Disparities in Pregnancy Outcomes: The Role of Evidence-based Policy and Practice (Oral)
3041.0Does Maternal Risk Predict Pregnancy Outcomes? (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3042.0Listening to Women to Improve their Health, Mental Health and Quality of Life (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3049.0Implications in Reproductive Health Services: Youth, Women, HIV/AIDS/STI, Emergency Contraception (Roundtable)
3056.0Family Strengthening Strategies to Prevent Substance Abuse (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3057.0School Wellness Policies (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3059.0Statistical and Modeling Techniques for Health Outcomes Research (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3061.0International Health Care (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
10:30 AM-11:30 AM Mon
3072.3Child Nutrition and Physical Activity At and Away from School (Poster)
3072.4Nutrition, Physical Activity and Chronic Disease (Poster)
3072.5HIV/AIDS: Contemporary Issues (Poster)
3072.6HIV/AIDS: Across Multiple Communities and Populations (Poster)
10:30 AM-12:00 PM Mon
3077.0Evidence Based Alternative and Complementary Health Practices and Policies (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3091.0Implementing Evidence-Based Health Care within the Chiropractic Profession (Panel Discussion)[ Recorded presentation ]
3104.0The Obesity Epidemic: Getting Beyond Individual Choice (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3111.0Emerging HIV/AIDS Issues for Discussion and Debate (Roundtable)
3113.0Trends in Firearm Injuries and Violence (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3114.0Evaluation of Injury Surveillance Data (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3115.0Donor Innovations in Global Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3116.0Challenges Facing HIV/AIDS Care and Support (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3119.0Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3120.0MCH Epidemiology: Data-based Evaluation in MCH Programs and Services (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3121.0The Fourth Annual Outstanding Student Papers in Maternal and Child Health Showcase (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3122.0Abstinence, Abortion and Emergency Contraception: Responding to Unintended Pregnancy When Politics and Science Don't Mix (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3128.0Scaling-up of Reproductive Health Programs: Lessons Learned around the World (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3129.0Gender-Based Violence: Context, Consequences, and Program Responses (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3130.0Toward Effective Reproductive Health Programs: Challenges and Lessons (Roundtable)
3130.1Innovations in Improving Reproductive Health Services (Roundtable)
3134.0Threats in School-from Violence to Rabies (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3137.0Measurement Issues: Race and Ethnicity (Oral)
12:30 PM-1:30 PM Mon
3138.1Best Practices: American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians (Poster)
3140.0Chronic Disease Risk Factors Faced by Vulnerable Populations (Poster)
3141.0Community Assessment and Local Initiative to Promote Healthy Communities (Poster)
3142.0New Findings in Nutrition and Physical Activity for a Healthy Population (Poster)
3143.0The Role of Fruits & Vegetables in Chronic Disease (Poster)
3149.0Injury and Violence Prevention Programs Posters (Poster)
3150.0Transportation and Other Unintentional Injuries Posters (Poster)
3151.0Violence Studies Posters (Poster)
3152.0Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence Posters (Poster)
3153.0Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology (Poster)
3154.0Public Health Strategies for Child Health Promotion (Poster)
3155.0Women's Health Topics (Poster)
3156.0Reproductive Health for Young People: U.S. and International Viewpoints (Poster)
3157.0Issues in Maternal and Perinatal Health (Poster)
3158.0Emergency Contraceptives: Challenges and Lessons (Poster)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
3168.0Body, Mind, and Spirit in Public Health: Caring for the Whole Person (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3169.0Maternal and Child Health issues for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3178.0Best Practices in Chiropractic (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3189.0Unhealthy Populations: Obesity and Lack of Physical Activity are Key Factors (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3194.0HIV/AIDS Prevention: Infrastructural Support (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3195.0Sex for Sale: Global Implications for HIV/AIDS (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3195.1Injuries in International Communities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3196.0Global Health Leadership: The Evidence for What Matters and Why (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3198.0Innovations in Improving Service Delivery (Oral)
3213.0War and Public Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3214.0Improving and Sustaining Reproductive Health Programs for Youth in Developing Countries (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3215.0Access to Safe Abortion Services in the U.S (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3216.0HIV/AIDS/STI: Prevention to Treatments (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3220.0Evidence-based Population-focused Practice (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3222.0Support for Sexuality Education (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3225.0Healthy People 2010: 2005 Midcourse Review Data Results and Methodological Issues (Oral)
3225.1Design and Analysis of Community-Randomized Intervention Studies (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3226.0Public Health Strategies To Address Problems in Children and Other Community Based Groups (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
2:30 PM-3:30 PM Mon
3241.0Care and Services for Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS (Poster)
3242.0Current Issues in HIV Counseling and Testing (Poster)
3243.0Global Perspectives on HIV/AIDS (Poster)
3244.0HIV/AIDS: Care and Prevention across Diverse Settings (Poster)
3245.0Injecting Drug Use and HIV: Findings from Research and Practice (Poster)
3246.0Monitoring and Evaluation: Improving Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services (Poster)
3247.0HIV/AIDS/STI: Prevention to Care (Poster)
3248.0Best Practices and Knowledge Management in Reproductive Health Services: Tools, Interventions and Outcomes (Poster)
3249.0Contraceptives: Introducing New Methods and Reinforcing Existing Methods (Poster)
3250.0Sexuality (Poster)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3257.0Professional Education in Alternative and Complementary Health Practices (Oral)
3258.0Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3267.0Public Health Education and Service in Chiropractic (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3279.0Partnering for Power: Community-based Approaches to Supporting Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3286.0HIV/AIDS: Innovative Approaches to Outreach and Partnership (Roundtable)
3287.0HIV/AIDS: Sex and Condoms in Early Adulthood (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3288.0Annual Exploration of Injury Data Issues (Roundtable)
3289.0Evidence for Effective Scale-Up: The Challenges (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3290.0The Human Resources Challenge: Developing the Health Workforce to Meet HIV/AIDS Service Requirements (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3293.0Evidence Based Interventions in International MCH (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3294.0Preconception Care: The Next MCH Frontier (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3295.0Systems of Care for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3296.0Violence Prevention in Families and Communities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3296.1Evidence Based Topics in Maternal Child Health (Roundtable)
3305.0Integration of Family Planning & HIV/AIDS Services (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3306.0Tools and Approaches to Financial Sustainability for Reproductive Health Programs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3307.0Emergency Contraceptives: Practices and Issues (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3312.0Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Health of Female Populations (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3313.0Beijing Plus 10: Global Policy Changes for Women (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3314.0Critical Elements in Planning School Prevention Programs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3351.0Alternative and Complementary Health Practices among Women and Minority Populations (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3366.0Communicating Healthy Food Messages to Kids through Media and School Food Environments (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3371.0Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3371.1Beyond ABC and Abstinence-Only: The Politics of HIV Prevention (organized by HIV/AIDS Section in Collaboration with amfAR and SIECUS) (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3372.0Evidence for Effective Scale-Up: AIDS Treatment for All -- the Mozambique Experience (Oral)
3375.0Who's Left to Catch the Baby? (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3379.0Terrorism and Public Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3386.0Survey Research and Quantitative Methods for Health Care Services and Research (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3393.0Predictors of Dietary and Health Behaviors (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3394.0Politics and Science of HIV Prevention: Moving Forward Constructively (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3395.0Empowering Girls and Women: Creating Opportunities for Decision Making (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3396.0Improving the Effectiveness of Immunization Programs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3397.0Unique Challenges for HIV/AIDS and Youth (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3398.0Filling the Human Resources Gap: From Policy to Professional Education (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Tue
4004.0Alternative and Complementary Health Practices around the World (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4005.0American Indian and Alaska Native Youth (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4027.0Battling Obesity: A Report from the States (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4032.0HIV Prevention with Positives (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4033.0HIV Risk among Adolescents: Issues and Responses (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4034.0Latebreaking Issues in ICEHS (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4035.0Preparing for and Responding to Disasters (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4036.0Infectious Diseases: Prevention, Treatment and Control (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4037.0Effective Sanitation and Water Treatment Interventions (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4038.0Meeting the Costs of Health Care (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4039.0Current Challenges and Effective Responses: Shaping the Future of TB Control (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4041.0Developing Policy for the Delivery of Genetic Services (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4042.0The Role of Families and Providers in Promoting Children's Health and Development (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4043.0The Impact of Financing Structures on Coverage and Care (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4044.0Reducing Infant Mortality and SIDS: The Role of Health Care Services and Safe Sleeping Practices (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4052.0Drugstore Dilemma: Can pharmacists refuse to dispense birth control? (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4053.0Monitoring and Evaluation: Implementing and Evaluating Reproductive Health Programs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4057.0Building Evidenced-based Practice for HIV Prevention (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4059.0Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4060.0Healthy School Nutrition Environments (Oral)
4062.0Evaluating Individual and Census Tract Characteristics on Birth Outcomes--a Multi-level Approach (Oral)
4063.0Public Health Issues and their Impact on Delivery of Care (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
12:30 PM-1:30 PM Tue
4079.0Alternative and Complementary Health Practices and Public Health (Poster)
4087.0Latebreaking Issues in ICEHS Posters (Poster)
4088.0Emergency Health Services Research Posters (Poster)
4089.0Injury Surveillance and Data Issues Posters (Poster)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Tue
4100.0Managing Chronic Diseases Among American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4124.0Surveillance Issues and Methodology (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4129.0The New WIC Food Package: What are the Next Steps? (Panel Discussion)
4135.0International HIV/AIDS Trends (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4136.0Managing HIV Infection: Treatment and Adherence (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4137.0Trade and Health from the International Perspective (Oral)
4138.0HIV/AIDS: Increasing Personal Knowledge of One's Status (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4139.0Monitoring and Evaluation of Malaria Programs: Perspectives from the Global, Regional and Local Levels (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4141.0Martha May Eliot Awards Luncheon (Oral)
4151.0Public Health Consequences of Weapons of War (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4153.0How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the IUD: Recent Evidence and Country Efforts to Revitalize a Great Contraceptive Method (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4154.0Why/Why Not Abstinence Programs: Policies and Empirical Research Evidence (Oral)
4155.0Improving and Monitoring Reproductive Health Commodity Security (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4156.0Scaling-Up and Policy Implications: Strategies and Reflections (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4157.0Gender, Violence, Male Involvement (Roundtable)
4162.0Research and Theory for Effective School Health Education (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4165.0Linking Economics to Health Care Outcomes (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Tue
4196.0Growing Prevalence of Alternative and Complementary Health Practices: Challenges and Opportunities for Professionals and Consumers (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4219.0Vaccine Preventable Disease Epidemiology (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4223.0Community Food Assessments: Tool for Public Health & Community Empowerment (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4224.0Emerging Strategies for Improving Child Nutrition (Oral)
4231.0HIV and Sexuality: Research into Policy (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4232.0Issues in Suicide Research (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4234.0Developing Country Health Worker Migration (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4235.0Evidence for Effective Scale-Up: Malaria (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4236.0Learning from Prevention Interventions and Evaluation Measures to Improve Health (Roundtable)[ Recorded presentation ]
4239.0Martha May Eliot Forum: The Evidence Base for Medicaid's Maternal and Child Health Services (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4249.0Implementing Best Practices Initiative: A Global Collaboration (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4250.0Community Change Models: Preventing Adolescent Pregnancies, STDs, HIV/AIDS (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4251.0Lessons Learned and Shaping Future Directions in Reproductive Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4:30 PM-5:30 PM Tue
4266.0Taking Care of Mothers (Poster)
4267.0Beyond Survival: Promoting Infant and Child Well-Being (Poster)
4270.0Health Systems: Addressing Quality, Affordability, and Access (Poster)
4271.0Prevention and Intervention with Pregnant and Parenting Teens (Poster)
4272.0Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition Policy and Practice (Poster)
4273.0Improving Access to Maternity Health Services (Poster)
4274.0Infant and Child Health: Policy and Practice (Poster)
4275.0Violence Prevention in Families and Community/And Graduate Education Papers (Poster)
4276.0Systems of Care for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (Poster)
4277.0Factors That Affect the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People (Poster)
4278.0Abortion: U.S. and International Perspectives (Poster)
4285.0Strategies to Improve the Outcomes of Public Health Nursing Interventions (Poster)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Tue
4293.0Alternative and Complementary Health Practices and Chronic Diseases (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4310.0What Can California Teach Us about Policy Interventions in Schools? (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4318.0HIV/AIDS Treatment: International Perspectives (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4319.0Mental Health and HIV/AIDS (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4331.0Helping Youth: Life-Planning, Sexuality, Abuse (Oral)
4332.0Tools and Strategies for Performance Improvement and Quality (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4340.0Annual Statistical Methodology Session: Marginal Structural Models for Causal Inference (Oral)
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Tue
4348.0Approaches to Address and Promote Health Equity in Developing Countries (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4349.0Rural Health: Reaching the Hard to Reach (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4350.0Diabetes and Obesity: Prevention and Control of Nutrition-Related Diseases (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4352.0Public Health Nursing and the Practice Doctorate (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

8:30 AM-9:30 AM Wed
5011.0Emerging Scholars in HIV/AIDS Research and Practice (Poster)
5012.0Partnerships to Support HIV/AIDS Research and Practice (Poster)
5013.0Race and Gender: HIV/AIDS within Vulnerable Communities (Poster)
5014.0Topics in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care (Poster)
5015.0Health Care in Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Settings (Poster)
5016.0Innovations in Community Health (Poster)
5017.0Impact of Cultural Beliefs and Traditions on Health (Poster)
5018.0Structural, Familial and Personal Determinants of Adolescent Health (Poster)
5019.0Evidence-based Approaches to Understanding and Improving Pregnancy Outcomes (Poster)
5020.0Surveillance and Community Assessment in Maternal and Child Health (Poster)
5021.0Student and New Researcher Papers in Maternal and Child Health (Poster)
5022.0Topics in Maternal Child Health (Poster)
8:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
5024.1Alternative and Complementary Health Practice in Cancer Treatment (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5042.0School Wellness Policy: Its Time Has Come! (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5050.0Teenage Driver Safety (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5052.0Evidence for Effective Scale-Up: Child Health Interventions (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5053.0TB DOTS Programs Around the World (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5054.0Late Breaking Hot Topic: Global Implications of Avian Influenza (Oral)
5055.0Improving Access to Health Services for Immigrants and Migrants (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5056.0Effective Approaches to National Health Accounts (Oral)
5057.0Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition Practices (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5058.0MCH Epidemiology: Race and Ethnicity in Maternal and Child Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5067.0HIV/AIDS Risk for Married Women (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5068.0Innovative Methodologies to Conduct Behavioral Surveillance of STD Risk Behaviors (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5069.0Innovative Communication Interventions in Reproductive Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5070.0Optimal Birth Spacing: Evidence-based Practices (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5075.0Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle in Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5077.0Use of Mentors and School Nurses to Improve the Health of Children (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5079.0Factor Analysis: Developments and Applications (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Wed
5105.0New Dietary Guidelines, My Pyramid & Implementation (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5106.0Race, Ethnicity and Social Status: Realities of Seeking Solution for the Underserved (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5112.0Innovative Approaches to HIV/AIDS Intervention (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5113.0Surveillance of HIV Risk Behaviors (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5114.0School Safety and Youth Violence (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5115.0Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Relationship with Injuries (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5115.1Latebreaking Issues in ICEHS II (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5120.0Preventing Youth Obesity through Nutrition and Physical Activity (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5121.0Evidence-based Models of Child Care Health Consultant Programs for the Prevention of Asthma, Child Maltreatment and Obesity (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5122.0Evidence-based Policy and Practice: New Directions for Improving Pregnancy Outcomes (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5130.0The Health Impacts of War in the Middle East (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5131.0Research and Practices in Maternal and Child Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5132.0Sex in the Cities: Sexual Relationships, Communication and Decision Making among African American and Puerto Rican Young Adults (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5138.0Recruiting Minority Populations into Nursing (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5139.0Abstinence-only vs Comprehensive Sexuality Education (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5141.0Measurement Issues: Validity and Reliability (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5142.0Evidence Based Policy, Racial Disparity and Practice In Eye Care (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Wed
5156.0It is about the Sex: STD Epidemiology (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5158.0Outbreak Investigations (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5160.0Innovations in Community Nutrition Assessment (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5167.0HIV/AIDS: Critical Trends (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5168.0Current Pediatric Injury Research (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5169.0Injury Surveillance and Prevention Programs in Diverse Communities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5170.0Global Fund: Evidence of Effectiveness (Oral)
5172.0Health Planning and Financing: Getting the Resources to Succeed (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5174.0Enhancing Interactions In A Home Visiting Environment (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5175.0The Future of MCH Research: Emergent Issues (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5183.0Abortion and Post-abortion Care: Programming for Success (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5184.0Expanding Contraceptive Choice through Integration and Scaling-up of Newer Family Planning Methods (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5185.0Innovative Funding Approaches to Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5189.0Issues and Innovations in Public Health Nursing Practice (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5192.0Asthma: An Important School Health Issue (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5193.0Youth Sexual Health Programs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5193.1Statistical Software and Science (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]

The 133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition (December 10-14, 2005) of APHA