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APHA Scientific Session and Event Listing
Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

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6:30 AM-8:00 AM Mon
304.0ICEHS Business Meeting

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
3001.0Taming the Genital Herpes Epidemic: Rethinking the Role of HSV Screening and Testing  [ Recorded presentation ]
3002.0What's the Tobacco Industry up to Now?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3003.0Prescription Drug Abuse in Young People: Prevalence, Patterns, Factors and Treatment  [ Recorded presentation ]
3004.0AOD and the Chronic Disease Model: Response and Emerging Priorities
3005.0AI/AN/NH Student Scholars in Cancer Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3006.0Late Breaking Developments in Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3007.0Media and Internet Innovations in Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3008.0How to Write a Good Policy
3009.0Latest Trends and Strategies for the Public Health Workforce  [ Recorded presentation ]
3010.0MAPP: A Community-based Planning Approach to Address Health Inequity Part I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3011.0Best Practices in Public and Private Partnerships  [ Recorded presentation ]
3012.0Information Technology and the Role of the Community in Addressing Cancer Disparities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3013.0Publishing with APHA
3014.0Emerging Health Concerns for AAPI Communities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3015.0Housing as a Critical Factor in the Health and Health Care of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness  [ Recorded presentation ]
3016.0Developing Policy and Defining Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3017.0Building Community Capacity at the Federal, State and Local Level  [ Recorded presentation ]
3018.0Providing Health Care to the Uninsured  [ Recorded presentation ]
3019.0Community Health Center Movement: 40 Years Promoting Social Justice and Health Equity for the Underserved
3020.0Katrina, Responding to a Public Health Emergency: The Event and the Aftermath  [ Recorded presentation ]
3021.0Partnerships Addressing Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3022.0Public Health & Human Rights: The Role of CHWs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3023.0Disability and Health Promotion I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3024.0Public Health and Nanotechnology Policy Development  [ Recorded presentation ]
3025.0Cancer Screening
3026.0Psychiatric Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
3027.0Chronic Disease Epidemiology: Effect of Weight and Exercise on Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3028.0Infectious Disease Surveillance  [ Recorded presentation ]
3029.0Emerging Methods to Address Confounding, Selection Bias and Measurement Error
3030.0HIV and Breastfeeding: New Data and Challenges for Protecting Child Health and Nutrition in Resource Poor Settings  [ Recorded presentation ]
3031.0Targeted Food and Nutrition Marketing to Vulnerable Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3032.0Advances in Organizational Design and Management  [ Recorded presentation ]
3033.0The Economics of Health and Health Services I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3034.0Innovations in Public Health Workforce Development I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3035.0Community-based Approaches to Public Health Management and Practice
3036.0HIV/AIDS and Issues Facing Asian and Pacific-Islander Communities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3037.0HIV/AIDS and Injection Drug-Using Communities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3038.0HIV Research and Practice Roundtables II
3039.0Motor Vehicle Related Injuries  [ Recorded presentation ]
3040.0Partnerships, Collaborative and Consortiums to Improve Public Safety  [ Recorded presentation ]
3041.0Global Health Careers: Opportunities and Employers' Perspectives
3042.0Rationing, Human Rights, Money and Antiretrovirals: Observations from Lesotho, South Africa & Russia  [ Recorded presentation ]
3043.0Community Health Insurance and Health Care Financing in Decentralized Health Systems  [ Recorded presentation ]
3044.0Communications Approaches to Achieve Healthy Lifestyles  [ Recorded presentation ]
3045.0The Role and Contribution of the Private Sector in Realizing Health Sector Reform  [ Recorded presentation ]
3046.0Strategies to Reduce the Impact of Chronic Diseases Among Latinos  [ Recorded presentation ]
3047.0Assessing and Intervening with Vulnerable Youth Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3048.0Global Perspectives: Macro-Level Screening and Surveillance To Improve Pregnancy Outcomes  [ Recorded presentation ]
3049.0Conception through Adolescence: Longitudinal Community-Based Studies of Children’s Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3050.0Unintended Pregnancy: Risk and Resilience  [ Recorded presentation ]
3051.0Rural and Urban Health Issues in Service Provision and Emergency Preparedness  [ Recorded presentation ]
3052.0Jail and Prison Health: Female Prisoners and Juveniles  [ Recorded presentation ]
3053.0Preparation for and Mental Health Effects of Disaster  [ Recorded presentation ]
3054.0Insurance Parity for Mental Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3054.1Pre-Therapeutic Techniques and Coercion in Mental Health
3055.0Student Projects in Occupational Health: Roundtable *
3056.0United with the Community to Recognize Occupational Health and Safety Rights as Human Rights  [ Recorded presentation ]
3057.0Health Disparities Research Agenda - Town Hall Discussion
3058.0Improving the Community's Health through Obesity Prevention Programs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3059.0Bridging the Gaps in Health Disparities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3060.0Factors in Message Design and Delivery  [ Recorded presentation ]
3061.0Human Rights through Global Lens: Challenges and Opportunities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3062.0Caring for Vulnerable Populations
3063.0Public Health and Chronic Illness  [ Recorded presentation ]
3064.0Post-Katrina and other Services to Address School Mental Health Needs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3065.0Structural Inequalities and Poverty: Racism and innovative responses to tragedy  [ Recorded presentation ]
3066.0Healthy People 2010: Midcourse Review and Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
3067.0Farm and Animal Worker Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3068.0Aging and the Impact of Vision  [ Recorded presentation ]
3069.0Critical Issues Affecting the Sexual Health of Women  [ Recorded presentation ]
3070.0Breast Health, Breast Cancer, and Survivorship  [ Recorded presentation ]

10:30 AM-11:30 AM Mon
3071.0Delta Omega Honorary Public Health Society: Student Excellence Part I
3072.0Delta Omega Honorary Public Health Society: Student Excellence Part 2
3073.0Tobacco Cessation Poster Session *
3074.0Important Issues in Tobacco Control Poster Session I *
3075.0Important Issues in Tobacco Control Poster Session II
3075.1Alternative and Complementary Health Practice Poster Session *
3075.2Alternative and Complementary Health Practice Poster Session
3076.0Committee on Affiliates Poster Session *
3077.0Committee on Affiliates Student Posters *
3078.0Committee on Affiliates Student Posters *
3078.1Committee on Affiliates Student Posters
3078.2Young Black Professionals Network Student Poster Awards Session
3078.3Methodological Techniques and Tools Utilized in Health Care Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation *
3078.4Hansen's Disease (Leprosy): A Feared Infection
3079.0Other Issues of Importance to CHWs
3079.1Chronic Disease Epidemiology Poster Session #2
3079.2Epidemiology Poster Session *
3079.3Infectious Disease #3 Poster Session
3079.4Public Policy in Aging *
3079.5Medical Care Poster Session: Health Services Research *
3079.6Occupational Health and Safety Topics *
3080.0Oral Health Poster Session I *
3081.0Oral Poster Session II
3082.0Oral Poster Session III *

10:30 AM-12:00 PM Mon
3082.1Innovative Practice-based Teaching and Training for the Workforce
3083.0From Injustice to Social Justice: Human Rights in Tobacco Control  [ Recorded presentation ]
3084.0Treating Drug Abuse in Vulnerable Populations: A Human Right  [ Recorded presentation ]
3085.0ATOD Late Breaker Session I
3086.0General Issues in AI/AN/NH health
3088.0The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health Lecture: 'It's the Health of Your State, Not the State of your Health that Counts
3088.1The Future of Drug Safety: Promoting and Protecting the Health of the Public report from the Institute of Medicine Committee on the Assessment of the U.S. Drug Safety System
3089.0Creating Leadership in the Community-Lessons Learned from the Maternal and Child Health Community Leadership Institute  [ Recorded presentation ]
3089.1 Perspectives on Deep Vein Thrombosis (Webcast)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3089.2Sneak Preview! Screening of PBS Health Disparities Series
3089.3Writing Ethics/Writing Rights: Publishing in AJPH on Ethics and Rights in Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3090.0Women's Health and the Illusion of Choice
3091.0Media Advocacy Session
3092.0Conference on Emeritus Members Session: The History of Emerging Zoonoses with emphasis on Mammalian and Avian Influenzas
3093.0Human Rights in Public Health: Why We Should Care?
3094.0Web, Media and Learning Innovations in Maternal and Child Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3095.0Environmental Public Health Tracking - Utilizing Informatics for Environmental Surveillance  [ Recorded presentation ]
3096.0Recruiting, Training and Retaining a Culturally Competent and Diverse Workforce  [ Recorded presentation ]
3097.0What’s So Right about Rights? Foundations of Health and Human Rights  [ Recorded presentation ]
3098.0International Public Health Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
3099.0South Asian Public Health Association Symposium  [ Recorded presentation ]
3100.0Right to Health: Understanding Health in a Multiethnic Community  [ Recorded presentation ]
3101.0Health and Access to Care Disparities of Adult and Child Immigrants  [ Recorded presentation ]
3102.0Public Health Education and Service in Chiropractic  [ Recorded presentation ]
3103.0Methodological Tools Utilized in Health Care Planning to Address At-Risk Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3104.0Prevention and Service to Individuals at Risk for or Living with HIV/AIDS  [ Recorded presentation ]
3105.0Language and Literacy as Impediments to Health Care Access  [ Recorded presentation ]
3106.0Emergency Response Tools for Community Planners  [ Recorded presentation ]
3107.0Children and Adolescents with Disabilities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3108.0Environmental Justice and Access to Healthy Foods: Developing Community-University Partnerships to Address the Built Environment  [ Recorded presentation ]
3109.0Environmental Justice in the Home: Strategies to Improve Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3110.0Impact of and Response to Gulf Coast Hurricanes  [ Recorded presentation ]
3111.0Cancer Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
3112.0American Indian and Alaska Native Health Epidemiology and Research
3113.0What's Happening at the Boston Public Health Commission?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3114.0Outcomes of Trials to Reduce the Risks of Chronic Disease  [ Recorded presentation ]
3115.0Ensuring Food Safety and Emergency Preparedness  [ Recorded presentation ]
3116.0Legal Strategies to Fight Childhood Obesity  [ Recorded presentation ]
3117.0Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit: An Update on the First Year
3118.0Archstone and Gerontological Health Awards  [ Recorded presentation ]
3119.0Managing Health and Leading Improvement: New Directions in Health Administration *
3120.0Advances in Health Systems Research: Data and Resources  [ Recorded presentation ]
3121.0Systems of Care for Pediatric Trauma: Issues and Experiences
3123.0Policy Perspectives on Human Rights and Attention to HIV/AIDS Issues
3124.0African-American MSM and HIV/AIDS: New Understandings and Innovative Interventions  [ Recorded presentation ]
3125.0Firearms and Domestic Violence Policy Implications  [ Recorded presentation ]
3126.0Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3127.0Meeting the Pharmaceuticals Access Scale-up Challenge  [ Recorded presentation ]
3128.0Is it a Human Right for Health Workers to Migrate from Poor Countries?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3129.0Nutritional Status: The Influence of Poverty, Equity, and Autonomy  [ Recorded presentation ]
3130.0What Public Health Managers and Policy Developers Should Know About Laboratory Capabilities and Capacities
3131.0Developing Local and National Policies to Assure Access to Comprehensive Maternity Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3132.0Successful Collaborations, Policies and Programs Supporting the Right of Women to Breastfeed According to National and International Standards  [ Recorded presentation ]
3133.0Epidemiological Analysis in MCH - Beyond the Basics  [ Recorded presentation ]
3134.0MCH Student Papers Session  [ Recorded presentation ]
3135.0Alternative Approaches to Universal Access to Health Insurance
3136.0Carl Taube Award
3137.0Democratic Participation in Occupational Health Policy in the Americas: The Cases of Brazil and Venezuela  [ Recorded presentation ]
3138.0Impact of Work Organization on Worker Well-being  [ Recorded presentation ]
3139.0Data Collection and Research Methods for Occupational Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3140.0Access to Safe, Quality Abortion Care is a Basic Human Right  [ Recorded presentation ]
3141.0Rights-Based Approaches to Sexual and Reproductive Health I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3142.0Immigrants’ Rights to Health in the U.S.A  [ Recorded presentation ]
3143.0PHEHP Materials Contest Winners  [ Recorded presentation ]
3144.0Innovative, Technology-Based Approaches to Health Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
3145.0Communities Working Together to Improve Health *
3146.0Human Rights and Ethical Issues in Health Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
3147.0Health Education Responds to Minority Health Issues
3148.0Human Rights Violation in Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3149.0Emergency Preparedness in Schools  [ Recorded presentation ]
3150.0Sexual Health Issues of Youth  [ Recorded presentation ]
3151.0Health Care for People, Not for Profit  [ Recorded presentation ]
3152.0Health & Human Rights: Critical Historical Perspectives from the Cold War to the New World Order  [ Recorded presentation ]
3153.0Information and GIS Systems for Public Health Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3154.0Whose Rights? Sexual Values Clarification and HIV Prevention

12:30 PM-1:30 PM Mon
3155.0Human Rights and Reproductive Rights: Experiences of Women
3156.0Committee on Women's Rights Presents: Women's Rights ARE Human Rights
3157.0Perspectives from Community, Agency and Academic Partners on Community-Based Public Health Research and Education *
3158.0Ensuring Food Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Disease Prevention *
3159.0Multi-sector Approaches to Childhood Obesity Prevention
3160.0State and Community Efforts to Address Obesity *
3161.0Community-based Approaches to Addressing Disparities in the Food and Activity Environment *
3162.0Managing Health and Leading Improvement: New Directions in Health Administration
3163.0Improving the Health Workforce: Posters
3164.0New Directions in Public Health Leadership Development
3165.0Advances in Health Systems Research: Posters *
3166.0Managing Alliances and Partnerships for Health Improvement (Poster)
3167.0Disaster Preparedness Posters *
3168.0Unintentional Injuries Poster Session *
3169.0Youth Violence Posters *
3170.0Various Injury Topics
3171.0Topics in MCH Epidemiology and Data
3172.0Infant and child health
3173.0Women and Reproductive Health: From Fertility Awareness to Postpartum Health
3174.0Clinical Practices Supporting the Right of Babies to be Breastfed *
3175.0Contemporary Issues and Controversies in Adolescent Health *
3176.0Innovations in Access and Equity
3177.0Norms and Sexual Partnerships *
3178.0Policy and Advocacy Best Practices *
3179.0PHEHP Student Abstract Contest Winners
3180.0Issues Pertaining to College Health
3181.0Current Issues in Women's Health
3182.0Perspectives on Violence Against Women *

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
322.2Equal Health Opportunity Committee Meeting/Caucus Meeting
3183.0New Approaches and Measures to Address the Workforce Crises
3184.0Tobacco Companies are Racketeers: An Update on the Federal Tobacco Lawsuit.  [ Recorded presentation ]
3185.0Building Global Tobacco Control  [ Recorded presentation ]
3186.0Evaluation Update: Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment  [ Recorded presentation ]
3187.0Research on Spirit, Mind and Meditation  [ Recorded presentation ]
3188.0American Indian and Alaska Native Youth  [ Recorded presentation ]
3189.0APHA Annual Meeting and Membership Orientation
3190.0APHA President-Elect Session: CDC Listens: Community Input on Objectives for CDC’s Health Protection Goals
3190.1APHA TFAIR Town Hall Meeting
3191.0APHA Film Festival: IH #1 - HIV/AIDS: From Africa to the Ukraine
3192.0Advocacy Law  [ Recorded presentation ]
3193.0National Public Health Performance Standards Program (Part I):Performance Standards as a Strategic Opportunity for Leadership (Webcast)  [ Recorded presentation ]
3194.0Asylum Seekers  [ Recorded presentation ]
3196.0The Intersection of Public Health and Human Rights in AAPI Communities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3197.0Katrina Related Mental Health Disaster Services for African Americans: Planning for Future Needs and Addressing Unmet Needs
3198.0Identifying Health Risks Impacting Refugees, Immigrants and Victims of Human Trafficking  [ Recorded presentation ]
3199.0Status of Chiropractic Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3200.0Innovative Approaches to Substance Abuse, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence  [ Recorded presentation ]
3201.0The Importance of Cultural Competence in Reducing Health Disparities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3202.0Community Networks to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities through Education, Research and Training: Program and Evaluation Strategies  [ Recorded presentation ]
3203.0Research and Advocacy for Early Childhood Mental Health Services: The Together for Kids Coalition  [ Recorded presentation ]
3204.0Re-Forming Health Care Systems  [ Recorded presentation ]
3205.0CHWs as Integral Members of the Health Care Delivery Team  [ Recorded presentation ]
3206.0Disability Surveillance  [ Recorded presentation ]
3207.0Environment Section Homer Calver Award
3208.0Violence Epidemiology: Violence in and out of the Home  [ Recorded presentation ]
3209.0International Environmental Health Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
3210.0Outbreak Investigations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3211.0Diabetes Epidemiology
3212.0Research Ethics  [ Recorded presentation ]
3213.0Joint Environment & Nutrition Section: Securing the Right to Food  [ Recorded presentation ]
3214.0Aetna Award and Women and Families  [ Recorded presentation ]
3215.0Financing Public Health Services: Research and Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3216.0Profits in Non-Profits: The Poverty of Public Health
3217.0The Internet: Harnessing Technology for HIV/AIDS Interventions  [ Recorded presentation ]
3218.0HIV/AIDS in the Southern United States  [ Recorded presentation ]
3219.0AIDS Evaluation in Africa: What Have We Learned?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3220.0Maternal Mortality: Do Women have the Right to Safe Childbirth?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3221.0Water and the Environment: Affecting Health Across Borders  [ Recorded presentation ]
3222.0Building Capacity for Hispanics in the Community  [ Recorded presentation ]
3223.0Transgender Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3224.0Veterans' Health: Dual Use, Aging, and Gender Specific Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3225.0Quality Improvement Issues in Diabetes and Obesity  [ Recorded presentation ]
3226.0Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Access to Care
3227.0Focus on Hispanic Health Care--New Information Using Federal Data
3228.0Bruno Lima Symposium: Mental Health Issues in Minority Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3229.0Evidence Based Practice in Mental Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3229.1Roundtable on Topics in Mental Health
3230.0Social Context of Occupational Health Disparities for Healthcare Workers: Findings of the PHASE in Healthcare Research Project  [ Recorded presentation ]
3231.0Examination of occupational health policy at federal, state, and local levels  [ Recorded presentation ]
3232.0Community-based Research and Interventions With Worker Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3232.1Reevaluating Current Hospital Work Hour Limits: What are Safe Hours for Physicians, Nurses, and the Public?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3233.0Access to Oral Health Care and the Alaska Dental Therapist
3234.0War and Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3235.0Aspects of Quality in the Provision of Domestic Family Planning/Reproductive Health Services  [ Recorded presentation ]
3236.0Rights-Based Approaches to Sexual and Reproductive Health II  [ Recorded presentation ]
3237.0Training, Reproductive Rights and Abortion  [ Recorded presentation ]
3237.1Emergency Contraception in Diverse Settings
3238.0Health Communication Considerations During and In Preparation for Emergency Situations *
3239.0Successful Strategies in Worksite Health Promotion  [ Recorded presentation ]
3240.0Exploring the Link Between Genetics and Disease  [ Recorded presentation ]
3241.0Public Health Marketing: An Examination of Potential and Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3242.0Technological Advances in Health Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
3243.0Issues and Innovations in PH Nursing Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3244.0Public Health Nurse Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
3245.0Technology Innovations and Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
3246.0Public Health Nursing--Ensuring Environmental Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3247.0Public Health Nursing Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
3248.0Meeting the Health Needs of All Students  [ Recorded presentation ]
3249.0Childhood Obesity Prevention
3250.0Serving Cultural and Linguistic Minorities in Public Health Social Work with a Focus on Human Rights Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
3251.0Whither the Welfare State? Reforms of Welfare States
3252.0Human Rights: War, Rape and HIV in Women  [ Recorded presentation ]
3253.0Innovation in Biostatistical Methods and Applications  [ Recorded presentation ]
3254.0Evidence Based Policy, Racial Disparity and Practice In Eye Care  [ Recorded presentation ]
3255.0Women's Rights are Human Rights: In the US and Around the World  [ Recorded presentation ]

2:30 PM-3:30 PM Mon
3256.0Poster Session: Advancing Public Health Science for Education, Practice, and Research *
3257.0Identifying Health Issues that Impact Disenfranchised and Vulnerable Populations *
3258.0Emerging Issues in International Health
3259.0Environment Section Poster Session I *
3260.0Environment Section Student Poster Session *
3261.0Built Environmental Institute: Poster Session *
3262.0Ethics Forum Poster Session
3263.0Innovations in Long-term Care *
3264.0Mental Vitality and Aging *
3265.0Older Adults as Consumers and Acess to Care
3266.0Assistive Technology, Nursing Homes and Other Issues
3267.0Nursing Home and Community Based Services *
3268.0Social Support and Caregiving *
3269.0Emerging Issues in HIV Counseling and Testing *
3270.0Blending HIV/AIDS Research and Service Provision
3271.0Global Issues in HIV/AIDS
3272.0HIV/AIDS Issues among Focused Populations
3273.0HIV/AIDS: New Understanding, Innovative Approaches
3274.0Women's Use of Reproductive Health Services *
3275.0Reproductive Health Programs
3276.0Working with Special Populations *
3277.0Abortion and PAC Services *
3278.0Reproductive Health among Special Populations *
3279.0 Preventing Diabetes through Effective Health Education *
3280.0Communication Factors in Reaching Special Populations *
3280.1Innovations in Public Health Social Work Posters *

2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3281.0Leveraging Practice & Academic Partnerships for Teaching and Training the Public Health Workforce
3282.0Making Performance, Evaluation and Cost Data Useful to Feds, States and the Field  [ Recorded presentation ]
3283.0Politics, Policy, and Community Action: Best Practices to Combat Underage Drinking  [ Recorded presentation ]
3284.0Building Capacity for Tobacco Control: Lessons Learned from the States  [ Recorded presentation ]
3285.0Herbal and Dietary Health Practices  [ Recorded presentation ]
3286.0APHA President Session: Public Health & Human Rights: A Transatlantic Perspective  [ Recorded presentation ]
3286.2Don’t Agonize. Organize: A Discussion of State Affiliate Structures and Policies
3287.0APHA Film Festival: IH # 2 - Women’s Health Issues: Rape, Abortion, and Obstetric Fistula
3288.0Mobilizing a Campaign Around A Public Health Issue  [ Recorded presentation ]
3289.0National Public Health Performance Standards Program (Part II): Performance Standards in Action at the State and Local Levels  [ Recorded presentation ]
3290.0Healthy People: Looking ahead to 2020
3291.0Ethical Public Health Research: Developing a Practical Framework for Applying the Principles of Ethical Public Health Practice to Research Strategies  [ Recorded presentation ]
3292.0Uplifting Prisoners Rights to Preserve Human Rights: Guantanamo and Beyond
3293.0Policing and Incarceration in the United States
3293.1Realizing the Vision: A National Public Health Research Agenda  [ Recorded presentation ]
3294.0Concerns in Children’s Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3295.0Promoting Global Evidence Based Practice through Research: Eliminating Gaps in Funding & Publishing  [ Recorded presentation ]
3296.0Protecting the Right to Health for African American Men  [ Recorded presentation ]
3297.0Ethics, Human Rights and the HIV/AIDS Crisis in the African American Population  [ Recorded presentation ]
3298.0Collaboration and Partnerships with the Faith Community to Work on Global Health Rights  [ Recorded presentation ]
3299.0Innovative Health Programs and Education for Refugees and Immigrants  [ Recorded presentation ]
3300.0Increasing Research Potential in the Profession  [ Recorded presentation ]
3301.0Providing Insurance and Removing Barriers to Health Care for the Uninsured  [ Recorded presentation ]
3302.0Use of the Internet, Telecommunications, Mapping, etc. for Health Care Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation  [ Recorded presentation ]
3303.0Experiences and Exercises in Responding to Epidemics and Bioterror Events  [ Recorded presentation ]
3304.0Advocating for Health Promotion and the Prevention of Chonic Diseases  [ Recorded presentation ]
3305.0Policy and Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3306.0Human Rights, Hydrocarbons, and Hozho
3307.0Public Health and Challenges of Peak Oil  [ Recorded presentation ]
3308.0Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology  [ Recorded presentation ]
3309.0Survey Measurement Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
3310.0Planning For Pandemic Influenza: Local, State, Tribal and Federal Perspectives  [ Recorded presentation ]
3311.0Social Epidemiology and Minority Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3312.0Baseline Findings from the Evaluation of The California Endowment Healthy Eating, Active Communities Initiative  [ Recorded presentation ]
3313.0Joint Environment & Nutrition Track: Implications of the Food, Agriculture and Economic Policy for Human Rights  [ Recorded presentation ]
3314.0Clinical Issues in Aging  [ Recorded presentation ]
3315.0Evidence-Based Practices and Aging  [ Recorded presentation ]
3316.0Hospital Quality Reporting: Challenges and Opportunities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3317.0Advances in Health Workforce Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3318.0Progress on State and Local Efforts to Expand Health Insurance to Children and Families in California  [ Recorded presentation ]
3319.0Guantanamo: Military Medicine and the Geneva Conventions  [ Recorded presentation ]
3320.0HIV Research and Practice Roundtables I
3321.0Mental Health and HIV/AIDS
3322.0Emerging Future Issues in HIV/AIDS Social Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3323.0Data Roundtable
3324.0Trade Agreements and Trade Issues Affecting Health in Developing Countries  [ Recorded presentation ]
3325.0Improving Access to Essential Drugs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3326.0Tuberculosis: Implementing Simple Approaches in High Burden Populations  [ Recorded presentation ]
3327.0PC: Policy & Competency, Prevention & Community, Populations & Class  [ Recorded presentation ]
3328.0International Health-MCH  [ Recorded presentation ]
3329.0For Everything Else There's....Cost and Financing of Care for CYSHCN  [ Recorded presentation ]
3330.0Preconception Care: From Recommendations to Practice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3331.0Violence Prevention in Families and Community  [ Recorded presentation ]
3332.0Health Services Research: Access to Care
3333.0Health & Mental Health Services Research Using the Medicaid Analytic Extracts
3334.0Quality Improvement and Outcomes of Care on a National Scale  [ Recorded presentation ]
3335.0Identifying and Addressing Ethnic and Racial Disparities  [ Recorded presentation ]
3336.0Rema Lapouse Award
3337.0Telling our Stories: How Do We Spread the Word about Successful Participatory Occupational Health and Safety Activities? (Part 1)
3338.0Training and Communication Efforts to Protect Worker Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3339.0RWJF's Pipeline Program: where are we now and where do we go from here
3340.0Men and Pregnancy-Related Decision-Making  [ Recorded presentation ]
3341.0Gender, Reproductive Health and Violence  [ Recorded presentation ]
3342.0Addressing Health Issues Among Vulnerable Populations *
3343.0 Science-Based Approaches to Sexual Health Programming  [ Recorded presentation ]
3344.0Strategies in Obesity Prevention for Children  [ Recorded presentation ]
3345.0Public Health Nursing and Global Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3346.0Child and Adolescent Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3347.0Public Health Nursing Workforce Challenges: Strengthening research,  [ Recorded presentation ]
3348.0BMI Reporting in Arkansas  [ Recorded presentation ]
3350.0Health & Human Rights: Methodologies, Monitoring, and the Politics of Data  [ Recorded presentation ]
3351.0Survey Research and Methods for Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3352.0The Pandemic Potential Of Emerging And Re-emerging Zoonotic Diseases: challenges for recognition, monitoring and control  [ Recorded presentation ]
3353.0Public Health and War: Lessons Learned and Not Learned Part I  [ Recorded presentation ]
3354.0International Women's Health Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]

4:30 PM-5:30 PM Mon
3355.0Adolescent Alcohol Research Poster Session
3356.0Broad Look at Screening and Brief Intervention Poster Session *
3357.0Environmental Approaches to Alcohol Policy Poster Session *
3358.0From Campus to Around the Globe - a Look at Alcohol Poster Session
3359.0Intervention and Treatment of Alcohol-Related Problems Poster Session
3360.0Issues in Treating Substance Abuse Poster Session
3361.0 Important Issues in Tobacco Control Poster Session III *
3362.0Important Issues in Tobacco Control Poster Session IV *
3362.1HIIT Poster Session
3363.0Addressing the Right to Health
3364.0Current Topics in Student Research Poster Session *
3365.0Emerging Issues in AAPI Health Care *
3366.0Cancer Risk Factors, Prevention, and Treatment in AAPI Communities *
3367.0Community Activism and Participatory Approaches to Improving AAPI Health Care
3368.0Issues Related to Managed Care, Medicaid and Medications for the Uninsured
3369.0Methodologies Used for Promoting Health and Reducing Health Disparities *
3370.0Innovative Approaches to Health Promotion and Increasing Access for Minorities and Men's Health *
3371.0Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues Among Hispanics *
3372.0Building Capacity: Empowering Latinos
3374.0Mental Health Posters I
3375.0Mental Health Posters II *
3376.0Mental Health Posters III *
3377.0Issues in Maternal and Child Health *
3378.0Health Promotion Strategies in Young Populations *
3379.0Public Health Nursing Student Poster Session I *
3380.0Public Health Nursing Student Poster Session II *
3381.0School Health Issues *
3382.0ATOD and Sexual Issues Among Students *

4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
324.1Section Meeting and Awards Ceremony
3384.0NIH State of the Science on Tobacco Control Policy: What’s New Under the Sun?  [ Recorded presentation ]
3385.0Treatment Challenges: The Prescription and the Prescriber  [ Recorded presentation ]
3386.0HIV and HCV in Drug Users  [ Recorded presentation ]
3387.0Cancer: The Promise of Alternative and Complementary Health Practices  [ Recorded presentation ]
3388.0The Medicine and Public Health Initiative (MPHI) Update and Workshop  [ Recorded presentation ]
3389.0APHA Film Festival: IH #3 - Public Health, Conflict and War: Rwanda and Uganda
3390.0Information Technologies and Human Rights  [ Recorded presentation ]
3391.0Innovative Approaches to Student Training and Education  [ Recorded presentation ]
3393.0Public Health and Human Rights: The Role of Community-Based Public Health Research and Education
3394.0Increasing Access to Medicaid and Providing Prescription Assisstance to the Uninsured and the Underinsured *
3395.0Assessing and Training the Workforce for Epidemics, Disasters and Bioterrorism  [ Recorded presentation ]
3396.0 Nutrition Education and Promoting Healthy Behaviors to Prevent Chronic Conditions  [ Recorded presentation ]
3397.0Student Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3398.0Global Climate Change, Clean Energy and Human Rights  [ Recorded presentation ]
3399.0Built Environment Institute I: Community and Neighborhood Health Perspectives  [ Recorded presentation ]
3400.0Protecting Children's Environmental Health: Education and Social Justice  [ Recorded presentation ]
3401.0Epidemiology Section Awards
3402.0Integrating Obesity and Eating Disorders Prevention: Progress and Strategies for Implementation in the Field  [ Recorded presentation ]
3403.0GH Award Ceremony
3404.0Technology Adoption and Health Administration
3405.0Mandating Health Care Coverage in Massachusetts and San Francisco  [ Recorded presentation ]
3406.0The Right to Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3407.0Access to Testing and Treatment for HIV-Positive Mothers in South Africa: Health and Human Rights  [ Recorded presentation ]
3408.0HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean  [ Recorded presentation ]
3409.0Avian Influenza: Lessons Learned During a Year of Global Concern  [ Recorded presentation ]
3410.0Labor Rights Are Human Rights  [ Recorded presentation ]
3411.0Gay and Bisexual Men's Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3412.0Options for Childbirth: A Fundamental Woman's Right  [ Recorded presentation ]
3413.0Early intervention Services: An approach to toxic stress in young children  [ Recorded presentation ]
3414.0Protecting the Right of Infants of WIC Participants to Be Breastfed
3415.0Update on Health Services Research: HSR Competencies
3416.0Telling our Stories: How Do We Spread the Word about Successful Participatory Occupational Health and Safety Activities? (Part 2)
3417.0Workforce Issues  [ Recorded presentation ]
3418.0Terrorism and Public Health  [ Recorded presentation ]
3420.0Health Education Research  [ Recorded presentation ]
3421.0Health Promotion for Older Adults  [ Recorded presentation ]
3422.0Implications for Reaching Your Audience with Cancer Communication  [ Recorded presentation ]
3423.0PHN New Investigators  [ Recorded presentation ]
3424.0Social Justice, Human Rights, and Health: from Rhetoric to Reality  [ Recorded presentation ]
3425.0Biostatistical Modeling Techniques and Applications  [ Recorded presentation ]
3426.0Public Health and War: Lessons Learned and Not Learned Part II  [ Recorded presentation ]
3427.0Women's Health Disparities  [ Recorded presentation ]

6:30 PM-8:00 PM Mon
338.0Medical Care Section Committee Open Forum
342.0Awards Ceremony: Celebrating Social Work’s Contributions to Public Health

6:30 PM-8:30 PM Mon
3428.0Agnes Higgins Awards Reception & Presentation on Translating Fetal Nutrition into Nutrition of The Preterm Infant

6:30 PM-9:30 PM Mon
332.1Gerontological Health Reception and Awards

7:30 PM-9:00 PM Mon
349.0Celebrating Excellence in Health Administration: HAS Social Hour

8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3429.0Social Marketing as a Cessation Strategy  [ Recorded presentation ]
3430.0Every Breath You Take: Places and Spaces Contaminated by Tobacco Smoke  [ Recorded presentation ]
3431.0Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Disorders: Epidemiology, Policy, Practice, and Costs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3431.1APHA Film Festival: IH #4 - In the First Person: Media Makers Explore Illness and Violence
3433.0Prevention of Childhood Obesity: The Role of the Food Industry and Local Governments in Creating Healthy Environments
3434.0HIV Issues Facing African American Men  [ Recorded presentation ]
3435.0Displaced Populations: Differing Causes, Common Needs  [ Recorded presentation ]
3436.0Measuring Health Systems Performance
3437.0Evaluating the Impact of Our Work: From the Global Fund to Patient Interactions
3438.0Improving Quality! Practical Models that Work  [ Recorded presentation ]
3439.0History of Occupational Safety and Health: Does the OSHA Paradigm Work in the 21st Century? An Activist Dialogue
3440.0Engaging the Community in Nutrition and Obesity Prevention  [ Recorded presentation ]

* = Presentation files available online

The 134th Annual Meeting & Exposition (November 4-8, 2006) of APHA